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Year 6

2023 - 2024

Year 6 had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon!

Year 6 had an excellent time exploring Ramsgate Tunnels. Some children were keen to return and explore the other four routes available. What a fantastic element of history on our doorstep!

Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon of Art after sharing the importance of recycling plastic through a book called, 'One plastic bag.'

Today, Year 6 had yet more light bulb moments; they created a fair test of their own.

Year 6 enjoyed looking at Christopher Nevison World War art and then re-creating elements of it themselves. 

Year 6 Gold Book writing today!

Year 6 had a great time at Dreamland last week - Safety in Action. A brilliantly informative opportunity with a range of hosts to ensure that the awareness of the children continues to grow.

Light bulb moments for Year 6 during their electrical Science topic.

This week, Year 5 and 6 are taking their Computing lessons to the next level by using Micro:Bits to create a game of rock, paper, scissors. Their algorithms had to include a sensor (an accelerometer ) and logic to respond in the game. The children challenged members of staff to battles around the school to test their algorithms and decide how to improve them further. Fantastic work!

Year 6 have begun their Frozen Kingdom topic by exploring the science behind icebergs - the children investigated how they float, the amount of ice above/below the water and what happens when they come into contact with salt! They also learnt about the location of the polar regions and how lines of latitude and longitude are used tomap the Earth. 

Term 2 and Year 6 have filled both of their marble jars. They picked the treat - Manhunt in the School Grounds. All of the children had a fantastic time, finding hiding spaces and taking part as the hunters and the hunted

Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying the chance to design and create as part of their 'Hola Mexico' topic. Next week, we will be making 'Day of The Dead' toys.

Year 6 loved the opportunity to interview the Priest and Eye witness to a human sacrifice today! - Chief MacNarkom and Ekim.

Yesterday, Year 6 visited Canterbury Cathedral to part in a series of workshops and to spend time thinking and reflecting on the meaning of Justice. The children were able to dress in traditional outfits, create stained glass artwork, play the cathedral organ and explore learning through drama. At the end of the day, they came together with other children to celebrate the day in a service led by 2 of our wonderful Minster children - they did an amazing job! 

Year 6 enjoyed finishing the day today by adding colour to their modroc 'Day of the Dead' masks. 

Year 6 investigated 'The Wise and Foolish Builders.' 

On a blustery day, Year 6 created Mexican 'Day of the Dead' masks.

Year 6 were Creation Crusaders this term as they supported the changes in the playground. OPAL continues to make positive impacts on play!

Year 6 enjoyed Art yesterday in the style of Jean Michel Basquiat.

Year 6 have enjoyed their term of Scratch in the ICT Suite. The Minster Maths Madness carousel is promoting independence too!

Year 6 helped yesterday afternoon with the OPAL project, preparing for the new sand pit that will be on the playground.

Year 6 enjoyed taking their own fingerprints as part of their ID topic.

Year 6 enjoyed being fashion designers this morning inspired by the work of Brandon Blackwood, to celebrate Black History Month.

Year 6 started Black History Month today by discussing Martin Luther King, 'I have a dream.'


They were posed the question - What would your worldly dream be?

Year 6 have been investigating Prime Numbers today.

Year 6 are enjoying their Science lessons as part of their ID topic.

Early morning work Maths games and Minster Maths Madness activities are going well in Year 6!

Our trip to Hampton Court Palace.  We had a fantastic day and the children were amazing.

Year 6 enjoyed creating personal portraits to start our ID topic. 

Year 6 are being 'computational thinkers' this term and developing their understanding of algorithms and Scratch.

Our First Day in Year 6. We remembered striving towards 'The Minster Flourishing Child' and then participated in some team games.

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