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Minster C of E Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Year 6

Year 6 - 2020/2021

Term 6

Leavers' Hoodies have arrived!

Term 5

Cricket with a Twist

This afternoon, as part of our English lesson, Silver Class took part in a great debate (I think some of them will be joining Debate Club in Y7!). We debated whether evacuation during WW2 was a good idea. The children came up with some fantastic 'for and against' arguments and argued in a very civilized manner!

Cricket - fielding skills

Michelle visited today with some WW2 artefacts!

DT Day - Making bridges that reflect modern society

Comic Relief!

Term 3

Silver Class' Ancient Maya Display

Newspaper articles reporting on last week's Mayan sacrifice!!!! Let's hope the Maya Gods read them in order to bring great wealth to our villages!

Week Beginning 9.11.20 - Mayan Calendars as part of our Hola Mexico! themed learning

The Day of the Dead Masks!

In Year 6, we have hooked the children into their Hola Mexico theme by designing, creating and decorating Day of the Dead masks.

First of all, the children studied the masks from traditional Day of the Dead festivals and then designed their own. The next day, the masks were created using ModRoc and once it had dried, they were turned into beautifully decorated and detailed masks.

Stay tuned to see the final creations!!

Oh, and they did all this whilst listening to Mariachi music!


Ophelia has brought in a friend to help us with our learning

Week Beginning 19.10.20 - StreetDance!!

Still image for this video
This term, the children have been learning how to dance like Diversity! Check this out!
As part of our 'ID' topic, the children had a go at stamping and identifying their fingerprints. We discovered that the science of fingerprinting is called 'dactyloscopy' and that every single person's fingerprints are unique - even identical twins' fingerprints are different! There are three main types of fingerprint patterns - whorls, loops and arches. Even though some might look similar, the number of ridges or the exact pattern is unique - just like each of us!

Week Beginning 14.09.2020

Term far

Reading Buddies Year 6 and Year 3 - enjoying books together

Algebra in Year 6

Year 6 World Book Day

Term 3 - Frozen Kingdom
Year 6
And so our Frozen Kingdom topic has sadly come to an end! We've learnt so much; the Titanic tragedy, The Northern Lights and the biodiversity of The Arctic and Antarctica. We've created newspaper reports, written poems and produced letters of complaints to the world leaders from the perspective of Polar Bears and Penguins. We've had a great time and have really felt awe and wonder. All of this shows in our fabulous displays.
Week Beginning 27th January 2020

Year 6 Newspapers - reporting on the tragic Titanic

Week Beginning 20th January 2020

STEM Day in Year 6 - investigating insulators with goose fat and bubble wrap!

Week Beginning 6th January 2020
Week Beginning 2nd December 2019
Week Beginning 25th November 2019

Silver Class' Victorian Board is really coming along

Biography Writing - Jane Pinny, A Victorian Housemaid

Week Beginning 18th November 2019

Creating an App for a Victorian Housemaid - powerpoint presentations

ArtyGrams - Investigating Michael Faraday

Oakum Picking Year 6 Championships
Oakum picking in Year 6.
Today, the children in Orange and Silver Class have been taking part in the Oakum Picking Championship. They all learnt about the Victorian workhouses by studying a range of primary and secondary sources and then set about picking the rope apart, just like the poor children in the workhouses had to do. It wasn't easy and took a long time - it made us appreciate what the children in workhouses went through - such a hard job and all for just a bowl of gloopy gruel!

Week Beginning 11th November 2019


What a great week the children have had. The writing that the children produced was absolutely incredible. The children wrote diary entries from the point of view of Jane Pinny, a poor, Victorian Housemaid. They really used their knowledge of Victorian Britain to create thoughtful and homorous pieces of writing, including skills such as: non standard English, fronted adverbials and extended noun phrases. 

The children have also been passionate this week when learning about bullying and what we can do to help. They created a poem about how bullying can have a lasting impact as we get older and have drawn logos and badges to create a message about anti-bullying. 

Take a look at the pictures below to see for yourself...

Editing Stations - Diary Entry Writing

Early Morning Workout - exercise in the morning makes Silver Class 'work ready!'

Victorian Housemaid Diary Entries

Anti-Bullying Week - writing a poem