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Nightingale Academy

Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Year 4

 2022 - 2023

Contour Lines

Year 4 have been learning all about mountains as part of our topic work this term. We have been looking at maps to see how higher areas of ground are shown using contour lines. We compared an area in the Lake District to Canterbury and East Kent and noticed how different the contour lines were! We looked at atlases and noticed the difference in height between Scotland's mountains and the Himalayas. It was a big difference!

Year 4 have been taking their learning outside for beginning their Maths work on understanding area. We created rectilinear shapes and found area using objects around our Forest School site. We then investigated rectilinear shapes using Post It note squares  to describe area.

Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Richborough Roman Fort last week. They learnt so much about all that the Romans did when they arrived in Britain.  We stood at the beginning of Watling Street, looked at many of the artefacts found on the site, answered quiz questions in the museum and completed challenges all around the ruins of the fort. We even managed to withstand the wind and everybody learnt something to take back to our Roman Topic this term. 

Year 4 have produced some wonderful art work for Harvest. They worked really hard using a range of media, such as graded pencils, black and white pastels, charcoal, erasers to smudge and define, muted tone colouring pencils and watercolour. Decisions had to be made for placing images on the paper and how to make a composition looking at Autumn vegetables.

Yesterday, Year 4 were set a challenge - to choose a song and an artist to share.


This afternoon, we used those songs to inspire our art!

Year 4 had a great experience at Talking Football today. A chance to understand emotions and what triggers certain feelings.

Year 4 were investigators today using the map of the school to find clues.

The children have launched themselves into our project for this term called Playlist. Today the children made musical instruments following a well thought out design process including the skills that they have learnt in other subjects including maths and science! They'll perform along to a song tomorrow - we haven't decided what that will be yet!

Sports Practise is in full swing in Year 4!

Year 4 enjoyed painting their Diva Lamps - very delicate!

Year 4 made Diva Lamps using clay and are looking forward to painting them on Thursday - Light over darkness!

Copper Class would like to welcome Lakshmi to our classroom, the Goddess of wealth and good fortune. They are enjoying learning about Hinduism.

Copper Class enjoyed getting creative, thinking about 'Healthy Minds!'

Year 4 had a wonderful time in the Story Tent today. We enjoyed the story of The Kindest Red and shared what we think kindness is, what kindness says, what kindness does and what kindness does not. The children have been tasked with secret kindness missions to go on this week. Let's see if they choose to show you at home some kindness!



Spelling in action in Year 4!

Year 4 have loved Art this term. We have used Paste Resist to create patterns and then added stitching and sequins to them!

Year 4 have had a fantastic Viking Day at Kent Life. Here are Indigo Class and Copper Class enjoying our coach ride, making brooches, acting out our own Viking voyage on a long ship, learning all about weapons and formations, playing a great game of Tafl and visiting the lovely animals on site. We also met some Vikings around the site who told us about trading and what daily life was like at the time. There was so much to do - even in the rain! Well done Year 4 for a fantastic day.


Indigo Class have been loving Science! Exploring circuits, conductors and insulators over the past two lessons has been fantastic and we have thoroughly enjoyed our learning.

Year 4 enjoyed working delicately like the Anglo Saxons during their Art lesson. Here are our first attempts at Paste Resist.

Last week, we designed our Saxon and Viking sails. Today, we printed them.

Year 4 always enjoy reading with their buddies.

Maths in action in Copper Class!

Copper Class enjoyed their marble jar treat that they choose. Look at them balance!

 Year 4 had several light bulb moments yesterday!

Copper Class loved their indoor gymnastics lesson on Thursday. Look at their different balances!

Numbers Day - Who wants to be a Mathionaire?

Year 4 had a great day!

In Year 4, the children are becoming confident with their knowledge and recall of the digestive system so today, we set them a challenge. They created abstract art and a wearable digestive system in teams!

Copper Class thoroughly enjoy their regular library time. It is reflecting in their weekly reading too! Keep it up!

Year 4 enjoyed investigating the digestive systems today and then creating their own! 

Year 4 had a great time exploring the inside of their mouths and setting up an experiment with a range of liquids to observe there effects! A great opportunity for some photos!

Feeling festive- Merry Christmas from Indigo Class!

Year 4 enjoyed writing their Kennings poems about The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in today's RE lesson.