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Minster C of E Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Year 4

2021 -2022

Year 4 have been enjoying the opportunity to play Ukulele since the start of the year. Last week, they tried to play different chords while reading the music from their whiteboards. They played a range of different musical notes too - bugs (quavers), spiders (double quaver), flies (minin) and even remembered a rest


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To finish our diversity and equality learning last week, Year 4 attempted to play sitting volleyball. They could not believe how challenging this was.


Copper Class - Remembrance Day 2021

What a memorable day in Year 4 - Roman Feast Day! A lovely way to bring our first topic to a close.

Today, Year 4 investigated how Romans may have dyed their clothing all those years ago! We used boiled spinach, onions and tumeric, red cabbage and blackberries to make the dye. The smell wafted through the whole school but the children had an amaxing time.

Copper had another enjoyable week at Forest School last week, building dens and getting really hands on!

Year 4 have started 'Gladiator School' this week. We have discovered the lifestyle of a gladiator and researched famous gladiators! Watching gladiator battles has bought this topic to life and we will soon be writing setting descriptions to showcase our writing skills. Who is going to be the most resilient gladiator?

Year 4 started the term learning how to write a soliloquy. We used powerful verbs, fronted adverbials and recorded our ideas in first person. Some of the children presented their work too. We are so impressed with how they have started the year!

Copper Class are loving the opportunity to take part in Forest School activities each week. They are always full of stories the next day!

Year 3 loved creating their Roman shields last week. We designed, decorated and evaluated them. Then, it was time for battle, creating a Roman tortoise formation as a class!

Today in Year 4, we have been investigating whether Romans used toilet roll! We made a prediction and then observed during several experiments of softness, durability, absorbency and 'ability to wipe.' The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves but we were sure to remind them not to use any of these Roman bottom-cleaning methods at home!

Term 1 Week 1


Year 4 have had an excellent start to the term. We have thought and talked about how we each flourish as a Minster child - as a person. Next week we will focus on each of us flourishing as learners.

We thought about how to lift our mood through exercise and as our social action challenge we devised exercise routines to cheer others up. We found out that exercise is good for our minds as well as our bodies. Ask us to show you some of the moves that we put into our routines - they should make you smile as well as feeling a little puffed out!

2020 - 2021

Term 5

Misty Mountains Sierra

It has been a wonderful start to term 5. Already the children are engaged and enthusiastic about our new topic 'Misty Mountains Sierra'. This is going to be a Geography based topic, and the children are excited to find out more about what we are going to be doing this term. 


The children have been enjoying the term filled with science experiments, Rounders games, Gold book writes, smashing their way through their timestable belts and lots more!

Term 3 & 4

I am Warrior and Traders and Raiders 

Throughout lockdown the children have been covering History based topics. They thoroughly enjoyed these, even whilst working from home. The children were able to still doing exciting tasks and loved sharing what they had done with us smiley. The Year 4 children showed us how resilient they really are! We are super proud of them. 


Coming back into school for Term 4, the children were eager to get back into routine and start enjoying school life again. We have had a jam packed end to our term with lots of Science, D&T, Geography and lots more.  

Term 2


We have started off Term 2 with our topic 'Playlist'. To get the children engaged we planned at afternoon at a concert for them. The children were given admission tickets and had to go through security and the ticket man to be allowed into the arena. Once in they were able to watch all different genres of music, which they thoroughly enjoyed!
Year 4 children have been looking at poetry for the first couple of weeks and building skills to be able to write and perform their own poem. We have looked at the poem 'Sound Collector' by Roger McGough. The children were able to write their own sound collector poem about sounds that you would hear in school. Year 4 loved doing this, they were so engaged in their writing and their performances were fantastic. 

Term 1 

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

All things POO smiley. The children have been classifying different poos. They have been using keys to match them with the correct animals. They got the opportunity to join in with the science experiment of making different animals poos, which of course they absolutely loved and had lots of yucky fun!

The children are also finishing off the term with another Gold write. They enjoy this calm time to show off all of the skills they have been learning in their literacy lessons. This Gold write is a diary entry based on Demon Dentist. We can't wait to read them!

Year 4 have been engaging with all their learning. The unit we have been focusing on in Maths is Place Value. In English there has been lots of opportunities for children to share their work with the rest of the class. It's fantastic to see the confidence these children have, and the respect they show their peers. We have had them outside doing Football this term. They have loved getting back into their P.E lessons again.
The children have been learning all about the digestion process, the organs and their functions. The children were able to make a working digestive system and see how the food moves through our body. It was gross, and they loved it!!
Children enjoying some mindfulness.

Year 4 are loving this terms topic. They have been producing some fantastic work across the subjects. The children have been enjoying some exciting Science experiments, immersing themselves in our book 'Demon Dentist',creating some lovely Harvest acrostic poems and learning all about French speaking countries, so far.

2019 - 2020

Home Learning

Miss White and Mrs Manning are missing the Year 4 faces. We are super proud of all of the home learning that they are doing. 

Term 4

Traders and Raiders

Finding their rhythm on Wednesday afternoons...
This week the children have been looking at Pablo Picasso. They have been studying his history and looking at his artwork. They have been studying his 'blue period' closely and looking at his portraits whilst thinking about the emotions involved in the paintings.
Once again our Year 4s smashing through their belt tests

Book Week

World Book Day
Fantastic effort by Year 4 today. Brilliant costumes!
The children have also been spending time with their buddy classes. It was lovely to see them share their reading with someone in another class and year group.
This week the children have been studying the poem 'No breathing' by Michael Rosen. We have been looking at the language used by Michael Rosen, we have been looking at the way he performs his poems and  also adapting his poem to make it our own to help us at the end of the week when we come to write our own class poem. The children have been doing some drama with the poem to really get themselves into character and help with their performance skills. They have really taken this seriously and enjoyed themselves so far this week.
Year 4 started off their Traders and Raiders topic with a Saxon Battle re-enactment. Lots of angry Saxons kitted out with swords and shields. The children were engaged and loved finding out about the history behind it. This term the children will be diving into the history of Traders and Raiders, which they are super excited about.

Term 3


Burps, Bottoms and Bile


Lots of science this term. Another experiment lead by the children...'do beans really make you windy?'
More amazing maths for year 4. We were extremely impressed with our children for taking part in a times tables competition and coming in 1st and 2nd place. So well done to you amazing four. Also to our children who are practicing their times tables and quickly ticking off their belts.
This term we have started fractions. Fractions is something we all find tricky so what a better way to start learning them than getting the children all outside for a fractions scavenger hunt. They all did amazing and as bonus enjoyed themselves.

Week Beginning 20/01/2020


Year 4s STEM day was all about the digestive system. Throughout the day, full of practical activities, the children were able to explore and understand the function of the digestive system. To start the day off, the children were lucky enough to have Pfizer scientists come in to school to show them some exciting experiments. We then came back to the class room to carry out our own experiments. We are learning about the organs involved in the digestive system, looking at how sick was made and digested through the body, then finally in the afternoon then children made wearable digestive systems. For this the children used/learned different skills. Sewing, drawing, cutting, gluing and lots more. The children had a lovely day and we were really impressed with their knowledge by the end.

Week Beginning 06/01/2020

Happy New Yearsmiley

The children are back and excited to learn. This terms topic is Burps,Bottoms and Bile, something i'm sure they're all going to enjoy. To start the topic off we have been reading 'Demon Dentist' by David Walliams, which straight away has been a hit with the children.

The first couple of weeks this term in Literacy we will be looking at information texts. The children have been busy this week looking at fact files. The children will be writing their own fact file on 'Teeth'. So far the children have been looking at features of a fact file and have been learning some new technical vocab. We can't wait to read their final fact files.

First week back in science we have started off with an investigation into the effects different drinks can have on your teeth. The children had 5 boiled eggs and sunk them into 5 different drinks. Over the next week the children are to observe the effects the drinks have on the egg shell. We are thinking about the enamel on our teeth and how the egg shell is similar.

A week after the eggs had been submerged in the different liquids

Year 4 spelling lessons bursting with fun. Finding new ways to keep children engaged. Looking at our sound of the week 'ture'. The children were playing charades, working in teams to guess the correct 'ture' word.

Term 2


Week Beginning 09/12/19 


Its coming towards the end of term now and that only means one thing for the children...CHRISTMAS! This week all the children have enjoyed learning all about Christmas in France and their traditions they have. The children have been busy baking traditional apricot galettes, making Joyeux Noel Christmas cards and learning all about Christmas day for a French family.

The children also took part in Christmas Jumper day.

Week Beginning 02/12/19

This week in reading we have been looking at the poem 'Please Mrs Butler'. The children have been able to make predictions, inferring how the characters could be feeling, act out the poem, and answering retrieval questions. They have especially enjoyed this poem as they feel they can relate to it.
In Literacy this week we have been looking at similes, metaphors and personification through song lyrics. Today the children looked at three different songs from different genres. They studied the lyrics to see the meaning behind them. We looked at the different metaphors, similes and personification used and as to why they used them. Our children then went on to write their own set of lyrics for the next verse in the song.

Week Beginning 25/11/19


In our reading lesson the children were reading the poem 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen. A firm favourite from them so far.. I wonder why?. Once we had finished discussing what we liked about the poem and if we could relate to the poem. The children were working on freeze frames with their partner to make a still picture. The children were to pick their favourite part of the poem and create a still picture. See if you can guess what they could be?

Moving forward from last week. Children have been listening to Queen 'Don't stop me now'. They have been thinking of a story line that fits with the song. We have had ideas from firemen putting out fires, to superheros shooting into space, to a high speed police chase. Year 4 have some great imaginations. Today we have been planning for our Gold Book write using all our ideas for when the children will be writing a short story.
Science has been fun...using elastic bands and plastic straws, the children have been trying to make different sounds and listening for different pitches. The children discovered different things whilst experimenting with these materials. We had a lot of high pitched whistles in class today, the children didn't want to put them down...
This week in their drama lesson, the children have been getting ready for their final piece to be performed in a couple of weeks time. They will be performing a song from 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory'. 
To end the week, year 4 'danced through the decades'. The outfits were amazing and the children loved dancing around to songs from the 50s up until present day!

Week Beginning 18/11/19


Year 4 have been getting their read on. Fridays are for chilled reading for pleasure...

The artist that we have been studying this term is 'Paul Klee'. Today the children were working with different materials. They have been experimenting with oil pastels and water colours. The children were making prints/patterns with the oil pastels and then washing over the top of them with the water colour. We have been building up skills throughout studying 'Klee' to build up to our final piece. The children loved working with the oil pastels and were so excited to see what happened when you washed over the top of them. Here are a few examples...
We have had some interesting discussions in class about where we have traveled in Europe. We were all very surprised to see how many different places we have visited. Following our topic of 'Playlist' we listened,danced and spoke about music from different places in Europe. The children laughed a lot and enjoyed looking at the differences between the songs. They then went on to write about those pieces and produced some lovely and informative work.