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Nightingale Academy

Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Year 4

 2022 - 2023

In readiness for our visit to the Church this afternoon, Year 4 explored the News Articles written about the Queen.

Year 4 have had an enjoyable start to the year, realising how we all need to work together to achieve great things! Oh... Alongside experimenting Roman bottom wiping!

2021 -2022

Year 4 had a lovely afternoon remembering that 'No way through isn't true!'

Year 4 enjoyed a year group rounders match yesterday morning.

Year 4 enjoyed their healthy snack today!

Year 4 and Year 1 loved performing their poems to each other on the Grandstand today! They were read with such confidence. Well done to all of the children, we as teachers are very proud of them!

It's exciting times! Sports Day is nearly upon us! Year 4 practised their running races today.

Year 4 have been looking at art by Idris Khan and Corey Barksdale. Using music as an inspiration, they combined both of the ideas from the artists to create their own designs. All of the children are proud of what they have achieved!

Copper Class have had a fantastic day from quizzes and composing their own music to learning to play the Cello! We have certainly got lots of musical talent at our school!

Year 4 have enjoyed their recent DT project!

Copper Class completed their Hinduism topic by making and designing Diva Lamps, using light to symbolise worship and dispel darkness.

Copper Class spotting angles in our outside environment. Are they acute, a right angle or obtuse? I wonder if they spotted any at home...

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday getting the planters ready in the forest school area. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the team work skills on show were excellent! We hope to see elderflowers growing in Term 6.

We had a great time at Kent Life and the trip summarised our learning perfectly! Just look at the smiles on the children's faces! Some of the children might even share the 9 Men's Morris game with you that we were introduced to.

Term 4 in Year 4


We have had a busy term! Traders and Raiders.


- Long boat making.

- Discovering the shore forts near us. 

- Buddy reading with Year 1.

- World Book day costumes.

- An art topic, finalising with Paste resist and stitching.

- A trip to Kent Life.

- A fact file about Alfred the Great.


The list could go on! We can't wait for another action-packed term, next term.

Year 4 have been enjoying the opportunity to play Ukulele since the start of the year. Last week, they tried to play different chords while reading the music from their whiteboards. They played a range of different musical notes too - bugs (quavers), spiders (double quaver), flies (minin) and even remembered a rest


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To finish our diversity and equality learning last week, Year 4 attempted to play sitting volleyball. They could not believe how challenging this was.


Copper Class - Remembrance Day 2021

What a memorable day in Year 4 - Roman Feast Day! A lovely way to bring our first topic to a close.

Today, Year 4 investigated how Romans may have dyed their clothing all those years ago! We used boiled spinach, onions and tumeric, red cabbage and blackberries to make the dye. The smell wafted through the whole school but the children had an amaxing time.

Copper had another enjoyable week at Forest School last week, building dens and getting really hands on!

Year 4 have started 'Gladiator School' this week. We have discovered the lifestyle of a gladiator and researched famous gladiators! Watching gladiator battles has bought this topic to life and we will soon be writing setting descriptions to showcase our writing skills. Who is going to be the most resilient gladiator?

Year 4 started the term learning how to write a soliloquy. We used powerful verbs, fronted adverbials and recorded our ideas in first person. Some of the children presented their work too. We are so impressed with how they have started the year!

Copper Class are loving the opportunity to take part in Forest School activities each week. They are always full of stories the next day!

Year 3 loved creating their Roman shields last week. We designed, decorated and evaluated them. Then, it was time for battle, creating a Roman tortoise formation as a class!

Today in Year 4, we have been investigating whether Romans used toilet roll! We made a prediction and then observed during several experiments of softness, durability, absorbency and 'ability to wipe.' The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves but we were sure to remind them not to use any of these Roman bottom-cleaning methods at home!

Term 1 Week 1


Year 4 have had an excellent start to the term. We have thought and talked about how we each flourish as a Minster child - as a person. Next week we will focus on each of us flourishing as learners.

We thought about how to lift our mood through exercise and as our social action challenge we devised exercise routines to cheer others up. We found out that exercise is good for our minds as well as our bodies. Ask us to show you some of the moves that we put into our routines - they should make you smile as well as feeling a little puffed out!

2020 - 2021

Term 5

Misty Mountains Sierra

It has been a wonderful start to term 5. Already the children are engaged and enthusiastic about our new topic 'Misty Mountains Sierra'. This is going to be a Geography based topic, and the children are excited to find out more about what we are going to be doing this term. 


The children have been enjoying the term filled with science experiments, Rounders games, Gold book writes, smashing their way through their timestable belts and lots more!

Term 3 & 4

I am Warrior and Traders and Raiders 

Throughout lockdown the children have been covering History based topics. They thoroughly enjoyed these, even whilst working from home. The children were able to still doing exciting tasks and loved sharing what they had done with us smiley. The Year 4 children showed us how resilient they really are! We are super proud of them. 


Coming back into school for Term 4, the children were eager to get back into routine and start enjoying school life again. We have had a jam packed end to our term with lots of Science, D&T, Geography and lots more.