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Year 3

2022 - 2023

Year 3 had a great time Thursday afternoon investigating colouring mixing and tonal variations in art work created by the artist Henri Rousseau.

Year 3 had a great time this afternoon labelling the bones in our body. They learnt where they could find their cranium, fibula, ulna, radius, rib cage, humurous and many more! 

Year 3 created a collaborative art piece in memory of Her Majesty the Queen. 32 A4 images were shared across the year group and then carefully coloured in, when put back together it created a large mosaic of the Queen. The children were incredibly proud of their work.

2021 - 2022

Scarlet class have had a fantastic Healthy Bodies week this week. They have enjoyed clubbersize, Sports Day, Yoga with Liz and finished off the week by making our healthy snack and fruity drink!  

Well done to these children in Green Class- all have achieved their next Kung Fu Times Table Belt!! Amazing!

Scarlet class have had a fantastic time this morning during Minster's Musical Masterpiece. They have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own bands using the app Garageband, loved having the opportunity to play the Cello and learnt how to play 'Hot Cross Buns' beautifully on the Xylophones! 

Scarlet Class Maths

Scarlet class had a great outdoor Maths lesson today. The children gave each other instructions to exit the maze using language such as clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn etc.

Well done!

Year 3 Outdoor Maths

Scarlet class had a fantastic maths lesson today learning all about how to measure in seconds. They used stopwatches to time each other completing different activities, they were then tasked with trying to work out the difference between the two times, as well as adding the two times together. 

Green Class learning the ukulele- look at those faces of concentration!

Kent Life – Stone Age Day Year 3

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Kent Life yesterday. They had great fun learning about different weapons, trading during the stone age, cave paintings, how stone age people used to farm, communicate and even had the opportunity to meet a real caveman! They were incredibly well behaved and were an absolute credit to the school. I’m sure however if you ask them what their favourite part was it will be lunch or the play park!  Thank you to our parent helpers for the day, we hope that you had as much fun as us.

Year 3 had some special visitors today from Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory. They have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Habitats, Food Chains and Food Webs. They also had a special visitor of Tom the Tortoise as a well done for filling up their marble jar. Keep it up!

Year 3 have loved using pastels to do their 'cave art' this week! 

Year 3 have really enjoyed doing their Kenning poems this week! 

Speed-stacking madness in year 3! Lots of noise, lots of fun!

Year 3 had a fantastic time making and erupting their volcano models this morning!

Year 3 enjoyed researching the Romans this afternoon- ask them what facts they can remember!

Making Fossils! 

Year 3 have been learning about how fossils are formed and have had great fun making their own this week.

2020 - 2021

Capacity and mass made fun with everyday objects!

Scarlet Class thoroughly enjoyed practising their skills yesterday. Thank you for the donation of golf equipment Stonelees Golf Club!

Year 3 are really enjoying their ukulele lessons on a Thursday!

Year 3 really enjoyed making and eating their healthy snack today- guacamole and salsa with tortilla crisps!

They have been learning about the different food groups, salt and sugar content in foods, food labels and healthy choices. Yummy!  

More KungFu Masters! We have even had some master, Master Sifu, in Year 3!

Scarlet Class KungFu Masters this week!

Year 3 worked hard on their Gold Book writing today- wonderful description about the character 'Stig' in our class text. Time to edit tomorrow! 

Scarlet Class used our resilience in abundance yesterday afternoon! We attached materials (not animal skin!) together much like they would have done in the Stone Age with a needle and thread. Good luck to Green Class on Friday afternoon!

Year 3 combined all of their recent learning on fractions to play a board game. They thoroughly enjoyed showing off their knowledge!

Recently at school, we had the chance to take part in a Virtual Speed Stacking Competition. Here are two happy Year 3 winners!

We have some amazing KungFu stars again!
Recently, Year 3 have been learning about fractions as our Maths topic. We have learnt that the numerator is the part and the denominator is the whole. We can count up and down in tenths making a whole. We have also learnt how to place fractions on a number line and how to find fractions of amounts. We have been attacking maths like a shark attacks it's prey
Practise, practise, practise! Well done Year 3 KungFu Masters!
Year 3 had a fun competitive morning as we played in a Dodgeball Inter-house competition. There was great team work on show alongside some brilliant, practised skills!
Year 3 really enjoyed writing their kennings poems on Predators this week! Here is some of their work!
More KungFu masters in Scarlet Class this week! Well done!
Year 3 worked really hard on Friday to create Predators from Junk modelling resources. Look at what they managed to make!

Scarlet Class KungFu Champions from our first week back at school. Remember to keep practising your Timestables!

Today, Year 3 learnt about how the Marathon that we know today originated a long time ago! We read the 'Battle of Marathon' story and discussed how Pheidippides' running strength is still celebrated to this day. Then, we tried to use our resilience in our MinsterMile (Marathon 😉), to replicate that of Pheidippides and keep going without stopping whether that was running or walking.
This week Scarlet Class have enjoyed celebrating Friendship week. We have tried to keep a positive a mindset and look after ourselves and others all week with lots of different activities to remind us. Fantastic Fred gave us an acronym to help us - Food, Rest, Exercise, Devices. We even took photos in our own unique photo booth!
Green Class enjoyed wearing their odd socks to school! We are looking forward to taking part in the fun activities for Friendship Week

WOW! Eloise has achieved a 1000 day streak in Scarlet Class! That really is INCREDIBLE! Happy doodling

Today, in Year 3, we were under threat from a Greek God of Magnetism. We were all wearing armour made from mental so we had to design our own block to save ourselves! We tested lots of different materials around the room before creating and designing our own shield.

At the end of Term 1, we shared our amazing home learning books! Wow, the children had been busy! Thank you to all the parents for your support! We also passed more KungFu belts. Keep practising! Finally, despite the miserable weather, we went out into the Garden Area to see how many birds we could see. This is something that we hope to do again in the summer and hopefully we will see more!


Now, it is the start of Term 2 and Year 3 have started their next topic - Gods and Mortals! We can't wait to dive into our new learning journey! Today we have met Zeus, researched a range of Greek Gods and created our own Gods. The children had lots of intriguing questions too.

Rocks and Soils

Year 3 today learnt about the 4 processes that happen to make soils. We first explored are garden area, digging the soils and finding worms. As a class we then made our very own wormery. The worms have a lovely home, made up of; soil, sand, stones, food waste, water and wet shredded paper. 

This week KS2 have had a visit from a representative of Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory who are developing plans to engage young people with nature. We have learnt lots about birds and we are excited to have the opportunity to do our own birdwatching over the half term (more info to follow). 
We have had more KungFu Masters today! Well done, keep practising every week!
It has been a day of celebration in Scarlet Class today! The children have topped the Doodle Maths and Doodle Timestables list. They have beaten their personal reading challenge. We have had some superstar spellers and we had the most home learning books in a week handed in. We celebrated with lots of HousePoints, certificates, some music/dancing and some extra playtime.

Good Times - Scarlet Class

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Scarlet Class have loved 'Hello Yellow Day!'


This term in maths we have been learning about place value and learning to add and subtract by exchanging the tens or hundreds. To support our learning we have been using base 10 and place value counters.

During our English lessons we have been linking our topic of volcanoes by learning about Pompeii. We shared a lovely story called 'Escape from Pompeii'. We then thought about how the main characters were feeling at different stages of the story and plotted this on to an 'S Map'. We will soon be writing an informal letter from a Grandparent who is visiting Pompeii. To help with this we used the internet to research facts on Pompeii and have been learning about the features on an informal letter. 
We had an orienteering challenge in Year 3 today. The key was taken away on the map and we had to use our previous knowledge and sense of our surroundings to discover what the circled areas on the map were. We worked well together as a team showing many of the Learning Values especially resilience.
Year 3 enjoyed learning about the styles of Edvard Munch and Vincent Van Gogh. Then, we tried to use their styles to create our own backgrounds with watercolours thinking of our topic - Tremors
Today, we used our map reading skills to navigate our way around the school grounds. There were letters hidden on benches, fences and on the adventure playground. Once we had found all the letters, we had to unscramble them to make a word - TOGETHER. We discussed the importance of working together especially at this time.
Keep up the hard work Year 3! Remember to keep practising your times tables. These are our latest KungFu belt masters!
Year 3 are enjoying linking music with movement through our topic on volcanoes. We have been learning musical terms such as tempo and dynamics. We love listening to music, volcano sounds and performing.

Year 3 Music

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WOW! The children in Year 3 loved the volcano eruptions today. We mixed the ingredients together and then added our acid (vinegar) to cause the eruption. We can't wait to use these pictures and videos to stimulate our writing too.

Year 3 Volcanoes

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WOW! The children in Year 3 loved the volcano eruptions today. We mixed the ingredients together and then added our acid (vinegar) to cause the eruption. We can't wait to use these pictures and videos to stimulate our writing too.


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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Scarlet Class Volcanoes

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Year 3 - Volcano Day!

We have enjoyed creating volcanoes today. We can't wait to see them erupt tomorrow for our Science lesson as well as describing them in our English lessons soon.

Scarlet Class have enjoyed their first few weeks back at school - smiling and sharing experiences together. 
Green class have settled in to school amazingly! Here are a few photos of some activities we have been doing to support our emotion well-being after such a long break!