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Year 5

2018 - 2019

As part of our Allotments topic, Purple class have been making a clay sculpture that would fit beautifully into an allotment or garden. The children studied sculpture and realised that you can in fact make a sculpture from many different materials. They then discussed the animals, insects, flowers and ornaments that they see in gardens and sketched designs for a sculpture in their sketch books. The children came up with ideas of foxes to roses to bird baths to water fountains. Purple class worked from one piece of clay and used a slip mixture to attach other parts of their design. The creativity that they demonstrated was excellent and some of the finished pieces would not look out of place at the garden centre in Ramsgate - other garden centres are available.

Well done Purple Class. What fantastic work.

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Year 5 had a phenomenal day at Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School on Monday 3rd June. Purple Class were lucky enough to have a lesson in the Food Technology room first, where they worked in pairs to bake some delicious apple and cinnamon rock cakes. The children learnt about the importance of good hygiene before food preparation and used the utensils and the kitchens really well. As well as cooking, the children also solved a maths puzzle in the morning, where they worked in groups and used their knowledge of number, angles and reflections to solve the clues and establish who committed the crime. One of the most popular activities, was the Science lesson, which took place in a real Science lab which was built in the 1950's. The children used amongst other things,  conical vases, tripods and heat to separate salt from water, purify water and sieve for gold. Everybody in the class came away with a little piece of gold for their efforts.

Finally, in the afternoon, Purple Class made t-shirts using a screen printing technique and key rings in the Design and Technology workshop. Here they poured hot metal into moulds, used electrical drills and learnt all about how to use the equipment safely.

It was an excellent day and has given the children a little taster into life at secondary school!

This afternoon, Year 5 were investigating the lifecycle of an earthworm. Did you know that worms are both male and female? This was a fact that the children loved learning.

Using the wormery, which was kindly donated by Foundation Stage, we examined the worms, looked for cocoons and discovered lots of newly hatched cocoons and therefore we discovered many baby worms which were tiny! Later in the afternoon, we put the worms in the school garden so that they can continue to work the earth and breed some more. It was an absolutely brilliant afternoon.

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Year 5 have been investigating friction and air resistance. They made zip wires out of egg cups, string and paper clips and had to design a brake system as well as a pulley system. The zip wires the class created were fabulous (if something of a trip hazard for the class teacher!) The children learnt that friction slowed their carriages down and to speed them up, they would need steeper gradients for gravity to work its magic!

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Year 5 have been wonderful Scientists today on their first day of Science and Technology week. This afternoon they investigated which shapes would be effected the least by water resistance. Using this knowledge, they designed a boat that had to be streamlined. We had a few design problems in that our boats didn't float as well as we would have liked but like true scientists, the children were able to explain why by referring to the forces of buoyancy and the effect of weight and mass. We can't wait for the rest of the week now!

As part of our R.E lesson, children were considering the reasons why Christians help charities. The class were given a role play scenario where they had to be Tea Farmers and Tea Buyers. The farmers needed to get a good price for their tea so that they could break even, feed their families and send their children to school. The buyers wanted to buy as cheaply as possible. Much negotiating followed, as well as discussions on what is ethical and just in the world. The children are now looking out for the Fairtrade logo on products, which mean that farmers and workers across the world are being paid a fair price for their product and time.
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Year 5 Badminton Competition

Tuesday 22nd January

A new Year 5 badminton team took part in a tournament at Ursuline College. The team consisted of seven players from Year 5.

Upon arrival at the tournament, the team took part in a number of warm up activities, which included throwing as many shuttlecocks into the opposition's side of the court. It was a frantic warm up but one that we won every time. Before the matches commenced, Team Minster had a masterclass with a professional badminton coach. The children were taught techniques for serving, as well as how to hold their racket accurately, it isn’t quite as simple as one would think.

After the master lass, the matches began. We had a singles player and he won two out of three of his matches, only losing to the eventual tournament runner up. We alternated our doubles team and won one out of three matches and on our triples team, we won two out of three matches. Considering that the team had only had two after school practise sessions previous to the tournament, these results were superb and Minster ultimately came fifth, not far behind the winning school St. Joseph’s.

The sportsmanship throughout the tournament was superb. After each match, Team Minster shook hands with the opposition and applauded all teams during the medal ceremony. Our commitment, respect, effort and talent was clear. Just imagine how good the team will be by this time next year. St Joseph's here we come!

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Square Numbers in Maths

Friday 23rd November


We have been investigating square numbers. The children used counters to prove whether a number was a square number. Well done for using the 'Know it, Use it, Prove it' attitude today!

Why were Mary and Joseph chosen by God?


In R.E, we were answering the Learning Question, Why were Mary and Joseph chosen by God? We discussed who Mary and Joseph were and the fact that their love was so strong and their bond so great that they would have supported each other through the gift of bringing Jesus into the world. The children then wrote questions that they would have liked to ask Mary and Joseph and we completed a hot seating activity, where the children played the parts and answered the questions. We built our vocabulary with words such as immaculate, privileged, conception, betrothed, protector and nurturer. This wok will lead into us answering the Big Question, "Was Jesus the Messiah?"

Speed Stacking

Wednesday 21st November


Year 5 had a fantastic evening, racing to discover who was the fastest speed stacker in the team.

The winner was Mark, who completed the 3-2-1 challenge in 2.62 seconds. Sylvana was 2nd in 3.04 seconds and 3rd was Evie in 3.53 seconds.

The children also had to create different speed stack challenges, following a range of different instructions. Here are some of their completed tasks!

Year 5 have been taking part in the Roar Project this term to invent a world changing idea to solve a problem.

The children had to generate ideas in small groups, then create posters and slogans to advertise it, make a protoype out of recyclable materials and finally create a pitch to present their finished product,


The final was held in the hall with 2 guest judges: our Head of School, Mr McCarthy and Steve from Thanet Lions. 

The children all presented their pitches so professionally and really impressed the judges. 


Well done to every member of Year 5. You all worked so hard on your ideas and they have blown away your teachers!


Here are a selection of groups with their prototypes and also presenting their products through a pitch. Please ask your children about their Roar product!

Poppy Project

Wednesday 7th November


To commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I, Westwood Cross are working with renowned local artist Sioux Peto to use old plastic bottles to create a wave of Remembrance Poppies to adorn the Memorial Wall at the centre. The wall, which was part of the old Haine Road hospital, has engravings scribed by military patients who were treated there during both World Wars. This project will be a wonderful community initiative and a fitting tribute to those who died fighting for their country. 

Year 5 welcomed in Annie and Paula from the Poppy Project, to create remembrance poppies out of recycled materials. The children had a wonderful morning learning about WWI and the symbol of poppies, and of course making them! 
The poppies will be featured in the wall at Westwood as well as in our school.

Discovery Planet Plastic Workshop

Friday 2nd November


Year 5 visited the Dreamland Education Centre to learn about plastic from real scientists! Discovery Planet hosted a workshop to help us work scientifically, investigating the different properties of plastic and testing unknown materials. 

We will be visiting again to learn about the future of plastics and the role of chemistry later this month. 

Patrick Heron Exhibition at the Turner Contemporary

Friday 2nd November


Year 5 visited the Turner Contemporary in Margate to see an exhibition by Patrick Heron. This artist paints what he feels, rather than what he sees. We will be using this visit as inspiration to create our own artwork about how we feel. 

Year 5 Inter-House Rugby

Tuesday 15th October 2018


On Tuesday 15th October, Year 5 played an inter-house rugby competition in their classes.

The results…



Romans 5 - Normans 3

Romans 1 - Normans 2

Saxons 2 – Vikings 0

Saxons 1 – Vikings 3

Normans 4 – Saxons 5

Normans 5 – Saxons 0

Vikings 1 – Romans 3

Vikings 5 – Romans 1

Saxons 2 – Romans 1

Saxons 3 – Romans 1

Normans 6 – Vikings 0

Normans 3 – Vikings 1


The scores mean that overall, the scores are:

4th) Vikings with 10 points

3rd) Romans with 12 points

2nd) Saxons with 13 points

1st) Normans with 23 points

Well done to everyone for taking part!

Negative Numbers in Maths



Year 5 have been exploring negative numbers in Maths. After recapping what negative numbers are, we began to investigate how we could represent negative numbers in different ways. The children then presented their findings to the rest of the class and explained their reasons for choosing to represent it in this way. We now have a great understanding about negative numbers and are ready to tackle some problem solving questions tomorrow!

Rounding Numbers in Maths



Year 5 have been rounding numbers up to 1 million. To kick start our Maths lesson today, we used a Rounding Rhombus puzzle to match the rounding clues to the whole number answer. For example, "when rounded to the nearest ten thousand, which number equals 30,000?" In this case, the answer was 29,189. The children have to use the clues to complete the puzzle!
We love activities like this where we need to work together to solve problems.

Materials and Changes in Properties



Year 5 are learning all about materials this term in Science.
Today we were finding out about dissolving through an investigation where we had to make a prediction, carry out a fair test and draw a conclusion from the results. We used new vocabulary (because we are real scientists) throughout the lesson including solution, solvent, soluble and insoluble.
It was the best investigation - all using a bag of Skittles, a petri dish and liquids like lemonade or vinegar!

Educational Visit to Canterbury Cathedral

Friday 21st September


Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Canterbury Cathedral on Friday. The trip was to help us answer our RE big question: "What does it mean if God is loving and holy?" 
We created our own stained glass windows which shows examples of Bible stories where God's love is shown. We used replica equipment to lift 'stones' into place to build our own place of worship and chiseled symbols into the Normandy rock. This was followed by a guided tour where we learnt so many things about a building so special. 
It was a fascinating day and we really enjoyed our visit to the beautiful Cathedral!