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Year 5



Week Beginning 30/9/19

This week we visited the book fair and enjoyed spending time reading the books. The children are also really enjoying reading our class book 'The London Eye' and have been sharing their own book recommendations in the mystery or detective story genre. 

Week Beginning 23/9/19

Year 5 visited Dreamland today as part of their Scream Machine topic. They were given a talk by the Head of Operations, who taught the children so much about the history of the park and particularly the Scenic Railway. The children learnt about its construction and all the forces that can be felt on the ride, including potential. The children also learnt about potential energy and kinetic energy.

Year 5 the chance to talk to an engineer who taught the children about how the Dreamland Dropper works, as the children will be designing and making a prototype of their own drop tower ride. Did you know that the Dreamland dropper is 38m tall and the area you sit in is called a gondola? The children also enjoyed experiencing the gravity and air resistance on The Gallopers, The chair-o-plane andf The Speed Way.

It was an exciting day and the children will continue with their learning from this over the coming weeks.

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Week beginning 16/9/19

In maths we have been learning about the place value of digits in 5-digit numbers, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 then comparing and ordering. On Wednesday we played a fun place value game with our learning partners to practise comparing numbers up to 100, 000.

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Week beginning 9/9/19

In our reading lessons this week, we started reading a new class text called, 'The London Eye Mystery'. We looked at the front cover and read the first chapter then tried to make predictions about what might happen in the story. We also explored language features and how language choices impact on the reader's understanding.

We also started our new Cornerstone's topic, 'Scream Machine', which we kicked off by riding our very own Minster rollercoaster. In Geography, we located different theme parks in the UK and planned routes to get there.


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Welcome to Year 5! We had a wonderful first week back and spent the afternoons exploring the Minster Christian Foundations of Creation, Justice, Love, Peace and Forgiveness. On Wednesday afternoon, we baked and decorated cookies for our Christian Ambassadors to deliver to people living in Rivers Court as an act of kindness linked with our Christian Foundation of Love. They were very gratefully received smiley

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