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Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Year 5

2021 - 2022

Purple class have been investigating volume in maths and were building their own cuboids of 12cm cubed. We discovered that there are a number of combinations that the cuboids could be made in and we used the height x width x length calculation to check the volume of the cuboids.

Year 5 have been making self-watering propagators as part of their allotment topic. Today, they have planted sunflower seeds and are hoping that now that the seeds will be watered by the string within the propagator, they will germinate and begin to grow.


Jubilee Photos

On Monday 16th May we went to Wingham Wildlife Park. It was a brilliant day and we were so lucky to have several talks from the keepers.

To launch their Beast Creator topic, year 5 went on an invertebrate hunt this morning in the school grounds. You can see from the photos the variety of minibeasts they are also part of our school.

As part of their investigation into the Black Death, Year 5 were biologists and studied the anatomy of a bubo. They realised that the bubo was a swelling like a boil and that it was filled with blood, pus and an infection. In order to recreate one to dissect, the children filled a jam doughnut with custard (the pus) and green food dye (the infection.) In the Mediaeval times, the plague doctor believed that bursting the buboes would release the toxins so the children tried this too. Their buboes were warmed in a microwave and popped. The children then saw that the bubo oozed, the blood, pus and infection. They loved learning about the anatomy of a bubo and being biologists for the morning.

Purple Class ended their Egyptian topic this term by making Egyptian neme headdresses. They ensured they used contrasting colours in their band design and used metallic paints to reflect the wealth and status of the Egyptian pharaohs. The children were particularly pleased to be able to parade the playground and show their art work to their buddy class, Blue Class. What a wonderful end to a fascinating topic.

Year 5 took part in many sports and activities this week but cheerleading was their favourite by far. They picked it up so quickly and were like professional cheer squads by the end of the session. Go Year 5 !


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Year 5 had a fantastic time with our Athlete Nerys Pearce on their sponsored fitness circuit. It was a great way to start a Monday morning and inspired us all to be a little bit fitter.

Year 5 kicked off our Pharaohs topic by learning all about the process of mummification. We practiced on each other but stopped short of pulling brains through the nose with a hook. We had a lot of fun!

As part of our RHE this week, Year 5 have been thinking about the importance of sleep for their mental and physical wellbeing. The children learnt that their age group should be getting between 9 and 11 hours of sleep a night and they calculated their average sleep on an average school night. They also worked in groups to answer the questions:

What can I do to improve my sleep routine?

What are distractions, which impact my sleep routine?

How do I feel after a good night’s sleep?

How do I feel after a bad night’s sleep?

The children were very honest in their reflections and are hopefully going to make some positive changes to their sleep routines.

Year 5 have been scientists this week and have been investigating how friction affects the amount of force needed for movement as well as whether a lever, gear or a pulley is the best mechanism to lift certain objects. 


They did brilliantly well and discovered that the smoother the surface the less friction is created.

WC 1st September 2021


Year 5 have had a fantastic start to term 1. We have been focusing on how we, as Minster children, can flourish as a PERSON this week. Each class was asked to carry out a social action challenge, which would have a positive impact on the community around us. We chose to tackle child food poverty, as Thanet has the highest child poverty rates in Kent. We decided to create a slogan and poster to highlight the issue and encourage people to help. Our slogan was, “One can a day, keeps child hunger away.” The children also filmed their own campaign videos and wrote a rap, which they performed in Collective Worship. #endchildhungerpoverty!

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