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Year 2

2019 - 2020

Year 2 had a lovely time in the Forest School area making tunnels for a small world animal or person. We worked together in teams carrying, building and arranging, using all the amazing natural resources to be found in there.
Here are the children who got their belt test today in the Kung Fu times table tests. WE have also taken a picture of the children who got a sticker for improving their score from the previous week.
Yellow Class and White Class are 'Buddy Calsses' in the school. We got together today to share our reading books with each other. Yellow class were the hosts and listened very nicely to their buddy reading their book.

Here are some illustrations the children made with our visiting author and illustrator, Martyn Harvey today. He even signed them and gave the children a mark out of 10!


The children loved filling in the faces and creating characters.

Year 2 have been developing their balancing skills. We can do this on apparatus too, but here we are warming up and remembering to point toes, hold the balance for 5 seconds and smile!
Year 2 has a wonderful day at the Abbey. The Sisters were so kind and told us all about St Mildred, showed us round their little farm and even stroke the friendly horse!  We learnt all about different parts of the Chapel and were allowed to ring the bell. Well done to all of Year 2 who behaved so respectfully and were a credit to Minster School. Everyone wanted to go back again soon.


Year 2 children had a very busy day making their pop-up bakery in their classroom. They made a variety of bakes from shortbread and jam tarts to cheese twists.

Michelle in the kitchen very kindly let us use her ovens, so everything would be ready for assembling our counters with delicious wares. A big thank you to all adults who came along, the children were so excited to see you and show you what they had been creating throughout the day. Miraculously we made nearly £60 across both classes, which will go straight into our Science budget.

Year 2 are learning all about division this week. Here we are today showing equal groups using a number line to skip count back from the starting number. We are learning that the amount in one jump back is what is being divided by and the number of jumps back is the 'answer'.
Year 2 have immersed themselves in this term's topic, Street Detectives by having a walk around Minster to investigate our local area. We have found out that there are many shops and services in the village and have compared this to what we have already learnt about what Minster was like 60 years ago. Did you know that there used to be so many more shops? 
Where are Year 2?  They are planning for their writing by immersing themselves in their writing task! We are writing in role as Scott of the Antarctic. This was  during his last days in his tent, as he recorded his race to the South Pole.  The only sound to be heard in the classroom was an audio of a raging blizzard, as the children were so engaged in using all their fantastic vocabulary and ideas.
Year 2 enjoyed a science investigation today about which materials we predict will make an ice cube melt the fastest. We started off by plunging our hand into icy water and linking this to what keeps animals warm in Antarctica. We thought about Scott, who didn't wear the right clothes for his expedition there. When we used a protective layer of fat around our hand, we couldn't feel the icy water at all. What can we learn from this for our investigation.....

Times Tables


All these children beat their Kung Fu Times Table score from last week - well done!!  They have shown resilience and are aspirational at learning their times tables.



In year 2 we have been learning lots about money.  We know what each coin value is and can work out how to find different amounts.  We have counted, added, subtracted, found totals, worked out change and solved reasoning problems all to do with money.  Today we used this knowledge on the computers by playing money games (and apparently didn't do any learning!!).  Tomorrow we are going to create our own shop and have to buy items with our set amount of money.  We must remember to check our change!  What money activities could we do at home?

The children enjoyed coming to school as pirates for Pirate Day. They learnt how to speak like a pirate, draw maps and create a key to describe all the features, as well as use ink to make a detailed drawing of a pirate ship.

 Learning about Money at Minster!

Year 2 have been dong some fabulous learning about money. We have been using methods for counting and showing equal amounts of money too. We have been using Base 10 to help us identify what coins and notes are worth. 

Fantastic Year 2 clay poppies for remembrance day.
 Year 2 have been using their learning to help them make decisions, share opinions and formulate their own viewpoints on Captain James Cook. They so enjoyed thinking about whether he was brave or foolish to go on his trips to Australia. Here we are doing a 'Conscience Corridor' to get across our ideas!
Year 2 have been so engaged in their Maths, here we are practising our Bar Model to work out number problems.


Year 2 are loving this term's work on Muck, Mess and Mixtures and have enjoyed using marbling inks today to investigate printing effects. 
 Counting in 3's in Year 2


We have made our own number lines for counting in 3's. We counted out 36 cubes and put them into towers of 3. We found out how many towers we had made and then drew around the Numicon for 3 to label our number line. We can look at our number lines in the classroom for when we count in 3's!

Yellow Class had some messy fun when we put our hands in mucky mixtures this afternoon.  The children were so excited to get their hands swirling around in all the gloop.


We thought of some great adjectives to describe the feeling. 

cold, frothy, mushy, messy, soft, sticky, slimy, spongy, squelchy, squidgy, squishy, watery, wobbley, warm, 

L.O. To describe the properties of different materials.     12.9.19


Blue Class had some messy fun when we put our hands in mucky mixtures this afternoon. We were so excited to get our hands swirling around in all the gloop.

We thought of some great adjectives to describe the feeling.


cold, bubbly, squishy, sticky, messy, watery, smelly, smooth, dry, rocky, wobbly,

Maths in Year 2


We have been learning about place value and what each digit is worth in a number.  We have also been comparing 2-digit numbers using the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols.  We are learning to use the words, fewer, fewest, least, largest and smallest to describe the order of numbers.



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