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Year 2

2018 / 2019

Year 2 had lots of fun looking at these amazing creatures today. We touched them gently and felt their tickly legs! We learnt so much about them too. It was such great learning.
Yellow Class painted in the style of Claude Monet for part of French Day. We cant believe how talented the children are in their techniques at using paint and paintbrushes. 

Year 2 Great Fire Of London


Year 2 recreated the fire that started in Pudding Lane today with the fabulous Tudor houses they made at home.  Children thoroughly understood the impact of this historical fire in London in 1666 and were fascinated to see how the fire would have spread so quickly.  This really gave them an in-depth understanding into their learning and made it 'real'.  A big thank you to our ground staff for keeping the children safe and all children learnt about fire safety throughout the morning's events. 

Yellow Class have really enjoyed playing with their amazing fortresses. Such kind, friendly behaviour this morning when they enjoyed sharing their small world toys. Lots of drawbridge lifting and climbing out of escape tunnels!
Year 2 were in the Forest School Area today, we loved it and building tunnels out of natural materials. This is fun when you take learning outside!
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Year 2 have been investigating bridges for Science Week. Today we used balancing with a partner in P.E. We were exploring counterbalance to test the strength of different types of structures.


A great first day for Science Week in Year 2. We were finding out about the inventor and engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We used his ideas about bridges to investigate which biscuit could take the most weight between two blocks. We made predictions, tested weights, recorded estimates and results in a table and wrote a conclusion.  There were lots of different ideas and surprises with the pink wafer biscuit!

Year 2 have worked so well together in their teams to create fantastic structures, using all the junk modelling they brought in.

They planned, discussed, constructed and adapted their ideas as they went along. What wonderful engaged learning!



We have been using our computing skills to learn how to 'copy' and 'paste' pirate pictures for our report text.

'Pirate Day in Year 2 going really brilliantly, there's been lots of ship shape work going on and all the crew are enjoying their day in their pirate clothes.'
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Year 2 are showing how they can use Base 10 to subtract 2 digit numbers.

Design and Technology

In Year 2 we have been thinking about healthy food and healthy choices from the Eatwell Plate.

We know we must have lots of fruit and vegetables in our diets, but we must also make sure we have the right amounts of meat and fish, dairy and fats. We designed a healthy sandwich and planned what fillings we would like.

When we made our sandwiches, we prepared the food ourselves, using knives very carefully to slice cucumbers and a grater to grate cheese and carrots. They were delicious sandwiches!

Learning our Spellings in Year 2


Year 2 have been busy learning their spellings. We have been using our Spelling Journals to test each other. We have been learning lots of fun ways to remember them, such as Fill the Gap, colour tracing our words and illustrating or decorating our spelling words. There is always, Look, Cover, Write and Check too.