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Year 2

2021 - 2022

Year 2 enjoyed time spent in the ICT suite today. They designed their own backgrounds and computer 'sprites' to get ready to start programming them next week. 

Land Ahoy!

Pirate Day! Ahoy me hearties. What a fabulous day we have had learning all things pirate. We have learnt to talk, dance and act like a pirate. We have made treasure maps using a key and drawn pirate ships using bamboo sticks and ink. We have listened to pirate stories and jokes. What is a pirate's favourite letter of the alphabet? Arrrrggggghhh.

We have started off our 'Land Ahoy' topic with lots of role play. The children have loved getting into character. We have looked at different explorers over time.

Term 1

Last week, Year 2 read a book called 'The Disgusting Sandwich' and we began thinking of all the disgusting things that could go into a sandwich. We went collecting our disgusting ingredients; mossy twigs, pondweed, crunchy leaves, gloopy mud, plus things from our classroom such as glitter, sand and paint. We decided on our ingredients before making our own sandwich. We then wrote our recipe for our disgusting sandwiches and published them in best into our Gold Books! 

Grandma's potion


Last week as part of an English lesson, Year 2 followed a recipe for a potion for evil Grandma! The ingredients were rather disgusting - troll's dribble and gruesome snot...... there was a rather whizz popping ending when we followed the recipe correctly!

Year 2 have been learning about the artist - Guiseppe Arcimboldo. We were fascinated that he made his portraits from fruits and vegetables. We then wanted a go ourselves and are so pleased with our gallery of finished portraits.

If you're wondering why Year 2 came out a bit paint splattered on Thursday then this is why! We had great fun creating artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock! I am sure you will agree they look amazing!

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

We have really enjoyed our experiments getting messy with our mixtures...

We have enjoyed our first unit of Maths. We have been using lots of manipulatives to help us...

In Year 2 we have been enjoying our music lessons - singing, dancing and playing instruments to a song about Hands, Feet and Heart! It was lots of fun getting out the instruments!

Blue Class have had a great week so far; becoming aspirational artists, independent mathematicians and engaged muck and mess makers!

2020 -2021

Yellow Class had lots of fun in their Maths lesson yesterday. We drew chalk circles to find out the capacity of our containers by pouring the contents out into them.

Year 2 really enjoyed the challenge of making seagull finger puppets yesterday. We followed instructions, used a pattern and tracing paper to transfer the pattern and had to use our best cutting out. They look amazing and the children were thrilled with them.

Blue Class have had a fabulous arty afternoon, learning how to sculpt clay to replicate shells that we have found whilst beachcombing. They have also learnt how to use chalk pastels to blend colours and create line and tone.

Yellow Class children enjoyed learning how to sculpt natural forms found by the coast using clay and clay tools. There were some lovely creatures made and shells too.

We have so enjoyed making our healthy snack for Healthy Bodies Week.  We have designed our own pizza, learnt how to prepare food by chopping and grating and then evaluated our product. We did this by checking through the Healthy Eating Plate and looking for healthy options, and of course by tasting and eating our pizza as well!

 Year 2 were so lucky to get a fantastic cello workshop. We loved it, especially learning how to hold it and work out how to make sounds.

Year 2 loved learning how to develop ideas and techniques in their Art lesson today, all the better for being outside under the trees. We were choosing a selection of our beachcomber finds and thinking about how to arrange them in artistic ways on a background, using ideas about shape, pattern, line and sculpture.

Year 2 have really enjoyed exploring, presenting and creating their own tongue twisters. They loved the opportunity to publish their work using handwriting pens too! In our science and art we have been exploring shells, classifying them and using them to create some super land art.

Yellow Class released 2 of our butterflies today as they emerged this morning! We put the ones still not emerged outside in the garden area in case they emerge over half term.

Year 2 have been enjoying their computing this term - looking at algorithms and debugging. We went to the computing suite to navigate bee bot around different locations, working with a partner who directed our inputs. We have then explored the programmable toy and created instructions to take it to different locations on our mat- all places that a bee would love to visit! It's been bee - rilliant!

Year 2 have worked so hard in their minibeast inspired Dance this term. Here they are greeting each other as their minibeast at the start of the 'Ugly Bug Ball'.  The children have learnt about using different levels, speeds, stillness and gesture to take part in their special dance sequence.

Year 2 have been learning lots in their music lessons. We have learnt to play tuned and untuned percussion, explored rhythm and pitch and investigated sound effects and simple notation.

We have investigated life cycles in our minibeast topic, these help us remember each stage.

In Year 2 we have been using spoken language for performance poetry. We learnt a minibeast poem off by heart, added in some actions and then performed it to our audience. You can see we had quite a lot of fun.

We went outside to do our Maths today. We were describing movement and turns using words like clockwise and anticlockwise. We had to instruct someone to move across a grid to get to the cone.


We have been learning how to do close observational drawings. We used graded pencils and investigated line and tone, to create these amazing details.

Yellow Class have enjoyed some more outside learning, this time visiting the school pond. We found lots of tadpoles, water boatmen, pond skaters and more.

We are learning so much about minibeasts and the habitats they need to survive.

Year 2 have had a fantastic beginning to their Term 5 'Wriggle and Crawl' topic. There was lots of excitement on our minibeast hunt using the special equipment and looking in all the different habitats around our school.

Year 2 Yellow Class have so enjoyed designing and making their fortresses. We have investigated castle features and used this to answer our design brief on creating a strong house for the 3 Little Pigs to stay safe from the Big Bad Wolf!
We have been enjoying our learning in buddy groups and workshops. We have been sharing our skills and helping each other. It really does make learning fun and enjoyable.
Year 2 have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been investigating properties and sorting shapes into groups as well as making repeating patterns.
Year 2 have really enjoyed being back in their pods at school again and seeing all of their friends. We have had a busy week with lots of fun active learning.    

'Well done to the children in Year 2 for dressing up and looking so fabulous.'


We got our bodies really working this afternoon doing a lot of heart raising activities, each lasting 30 seconds.

Our partners counted how many we did each time. We then had some fun pushing a squashy ball away from us and trying to get as far down the measuring line as we could.


For Friendship Week we are learning more about making the right choices and to recognise the difference between right and wrong. Here we are doing an activity about this but also learning to be a good friend. We are really listening to our partner and when we talk to each other, we show our respect by looking at them and nodding and smiling.
Thank you so much for dressing your children up as pirates today. We had such fun in class and the children loved their learning, as you can see from the photos.
Please could you write, Yellow Class enjoyed showing off their odd socks in class today. We have been thinking a lot about friendship and celebrating difference.
On Friday, Blue class spent their PSHE lesson thinking about having kind hearts. In order to show our kind hearts we wrote about each other, explaining why we like our friends and what we admire about them. Here is some of our reactions to what our friends wrote. Some of the children even wrote about Miss Theoff!
Yellow Class really enjoyed their Science this week investigating melting materials and observing the changes. We all thought it was either the ice cream or butter that would be the first to melt. We really liked watching the chocolate melt too!
Here we are in Yellow Class learning how to count in 3's in Maths. We have found a pattern and can predict what comes next going up to 36 and beyond!