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Nightingale Academy

Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


The Spiritual Minster Child

What is the 'Spiritual Minster Child'?

We place a high priority on spiritual development for our children. We do this to help them flourish 'as a person', as this enables them to be reflective about their own thoughts and beliefs, helps them to inform their perspective on life and empowers them to develop into valuable members of our community (both locally and in the wider world). 


In school, we do this by developing relationships, our foundations (our values which are rooted in Christianity), and the ability to open their eyes to using their talents and abilities for a purpose in life.  



Windows, Mirrors and Doors

At Minster, we use Windows, Mirrors and Doors to explore our spirituality. A 'window' shows us an event, a story or a situation; we look through the 'window' from our life to another situation or viewpoint. We then use a 'Mirror' moment to reflect on how that makes us feel; is this an 'ow' or a 'wow' moment for us personally? What does it make us think of? What might it mean for us in our individual lives? Finally, we are invited to walk through a 'Door'... how are we changed by this experience? Is there anything that we might do differently as a result? 

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