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Minster C of E Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Federation of Minster and Monkton Governing Body

Picture 1 Rev R Braddy
Picture 2 Mr G Box
Picture 3 Mrs E Shervington
Picture 4 Mrs Karon Wilson
Picture 5 Mrs Joanne Guilder
Picture 6 Mrs A Holmes - Clerk

The Federation of Minster and Monkton Church of England Primary Schools Governing Body 


The governing body at Minster Church of England Primary School has adopted the circle model of governance.



The governing body works as a ‘whole team’, meeting 6 times per year, spread evenly

across the year, without any separate committees. An agenda for each meeting will include

all the tasks which the governing body is required to consider.


The governing body is arranged in monitoring pairs and where possible, a third governor is added to develop succession planning. The pairs complete at least three visits per year to the school and part of the visits will be monitoring activities to inform the governing body of the progress against the objectives in the school plan. This helps to identify areas of success and assess further ways forward to improve the school.


This delegation of areas of responsibility to monitoring pairs could apply to statutory functions, as well as the priorities of the school plan. In each case where a function has been delegated there is a statutory duty to report any action or decision to the governing body at the next meeting.


The governing body may ‘commission’ assignments or activities arising from the business of the full governing body meeting, which will be recorded in the minutes. The governors taking on such roles would do this in addition to the ‘usual’ monitoring visits competed throughout the year.


The governing body is made up of 11 governors as shown below:

  • 1 parent governor; appointed by parental election.
  • 1 LA governor; appointed by the local authority.
  • 1 staff governor; elected by a vote of the staff
  • 1 Headteacher
  • 2 foundation governors, 1 appointed by the diocese, 1 appointed by the Church Council.
  • 4 co-opted governors, appointed by the governing body to fill any gaps in their skills base.



George Box 

My name is George and I am a former Metropolitan Police Detective. 

Shortly after obtaining my long service and good conduct award I was medically discharged due to lower back and neck injuries sustained on duty.

I have spent many years investigating child abuse and was a specialist in Paedophilia in Scotland Yard’s Specialist Operations Department, Organised Crime Group.  I was a regular Guest Speaker at Universities around the country and worked closely with the NSPCC London Investigation Team.

After my retirement I moved from London to Thanet with my wife and four children. Three of which started at Minster Primary School in years R,2 and 4. My wife and I became parent helpers.   After a year I was asked to become a parent governor, the following year I became vice chair and the following year I became Chair of the Governing Body.   

I became a Local Education Governor when a place became vacant to free up space for more parents to join the Governing Body.   I sit on all of the governing body committee’s and represents the school at District and County meetings.   As Chair of Governors I am included in consultations regarding any building projects that arise.


Term of Office :- 11/07/2018 - 10/07/2022

Appointed by :- Local Authority

Monitoring Responsibilities :- Strategy Pair

                                     Headteacher Appraisal

                                     Finance & Resource





Rev R Braddy - Vice Chair of Governors

I am the  Vicar of four local churches including St Mary's Minster. With this comes being ex-officio Foundation Governor at Minster CEPS, Chislet CEPS and Monkton CEPS.

As a former teacher, I enjoy leading Collective Worship and I am passionate about creating strong links between the school and the church and helping the school maintain and develop its distinctive Christian values, ensuring these are shared through the whole school community.


Term of Office :- 01/07/2014 - NA (Ex officio)

Appointed by :- The Church.

Monitoring Responsibilities :- Strategy Pair

                                     Headteacher Appraisal

                                     Finance & Resource

                                     Values Pair



Mrs E Shervington

My name is Liz Shervington and I am a Foundation Governor.

I became a governor as I am a member of the PCC at St Mary’s in Minster.  I feel it’s important to invest in the future of children also to foster the links with the local church and the school has an important role in the local community.  I have two daughters, who are now in their 20’s, both attended the school. I live and work in Minster.


Term of Office :- 15/11/2014- 14/11/2022

Appointed by :- The Church.

Hub Responsibilities :- Wider Curriculum

                                     Values Pair


                                     Church School -SMSC


Joanne Guilder – Staff Governor

Senior Teacher – Monkton CEP School

My name is Joanne Guilder and I am the Senior Teacher at Monkton CEP School. My role includes being the line manager to the Teaching Assistants, leading Maths, Computing and Forest School, as well as overseeing the Early Years Foundation Stage.

This is my thirteenth year of teaching at Monkton. I started teaching Key Stage Two in the Year 3/4 class for 4 years before moving into the Early Years Foundation Stage where I taught for 7 years. This is now my second year in Key Stage One where I teach Year 1/2. I feel very lucky to have worked in all three Key Stages since working at Monkton as this gives me a real overall of School life.

My passions involve staff and child well-being, hence leading and developing Forest School. I love seeing children in the outside area and including them in leading their learning. By having the Forest School on site it also gives children a sense of pride as they develop each area and set up activities for the classes that follow on from then – such as planting in the allotment and year 5/6 are currently building a fairy garden for the younger children and they have loved every minute of this (and so have I).

Through my involvement in Maths and Early Years I have been lucky enough to have already seen the strength and support that can be built by working together across the Schools. With my role as staff Governor I look forward to building these links in other subjects to build a larger team with the interest in making both Schools, staff and children the best they can be.


Mrs N Sworder - Associate Member

My name is Nicky Sworder and my professional background is in Mental Health. I originally trained in London as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and later in Kent as a BACP Accred. Counsellor, specialising in working with children, young people and families. I set up a School Counselling service working in different Kent schools. I also worked as a supervisor and trainer, offering workshops related to children and mental health. After gaining my MSc I reduced my work load and for the past few years have been involved in research. Mainly in connection to school policies, the psychological and emotional wellbeing of pupils and the whole school community.


I am pleased to be part of the Governing body as an associate member and aim to voice the mental health perspective when discussing school issues. As a team I believe we share a common goal: to create a healthy, happy and academically achieving school.


Term of Office :- 12/07/2017-11/07/2021

Appointed by :- The Governing Body

Monitoring Responsibilities :- Inclusion

                                               Pupil Premium 



Staff Associate Members (No Voting Rights)


Mr P McCarthy :- Head of School - Minster/Inclusion Leader.

Committee Responsibilities :- Member of Curriculum committee.- No voting rights.

                                               Member of the Strategy committee.- No voting rights.  


Karon Wilson - Associate Member (no voting rights)

Head of School - Monkton/Inclusion Manager​

My name is Karon Wilson and I am the Head of School at Monkton CEP School, I also hold the post of Inclusion Manager. I have worked at Monkton for 29 years, I live in the village and my own children previously attended the school. 

During my career I have worked for Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire and Kent Education Authorities, starting my career in a residential school for partially deaf children. 

Inclusion is a particular passion of mine and I have always worked in some capacity within SEND. I consider it a privilege to work with children and families in this role and hopefully make a difference to the experience and outcomes of these children. 

Having worked in education for over 40 years I am even more committed than ever to provide each and every child with an education and learning experience that is broad, balanced and varied. I am a huge advocate of outdoor learning and in particular Forest School.  I truly believe that children do and learn best when they are exposed to real life experiences and have opportunities to make links between their learning.

I look forward to working with the other Governors to ensure that both schools within the Federation continue to grow and flourish. It is an exciting time in the history of both schools and I truly believe that together we can become stronger and better able to serve our school communities.






Register of Business Interests


Mrs W Stone - Headteacher - Has no business interests to declare.

Mr G Box - Chair of Governors - Has no business interests to declare.

Rev R Braddy - Foundation Governor - Vicar of St. Mary's Church in Minster  - Has no business interests to declare.

Mrs E Shervington - Foundation Governor - Has no business interests to declare.

Mrs N Sworder - Co-Opted Associate Member -

Mr Paul McCarthy - Staff Associate Member - Has no business interests to declare.

Karon Wilson - Associate Member - Has no business interests to declare.



Minster CEP Governing Body Meeting Apologies 2018 - 2019

FGB Meeting

26.09.18 Matthew Spanton - No apology given, Wendy Vinson

12.12.18 Anna Moosuddee

30.01.19 Alison Fengas- No apology given

21.05.19 Elizabeth Shervington

10.07.19 Richard Braddy, H Coleman



Minster CEP Governing Body Meeting Apologies 2017 - 2018


FGB Meeting

05/09/17 George Box, Kirsty Alentis

27/09/17 George Box, Kirsty Alentis

13/12/17 Kirsty Alentis, Will Wollen

31/01/18 Kirsty Alentis, Rv. Braddy

21/03/18 Kirsty Alentis, Will Wollen

23/05/18 Kirsty Alentis, Matthew Spanton


EGB Meeting

10/10/17 Kirsty Alentis, Matthew Spanton



Strategy Pair

12/09/17 Kirsty Alentis

6/03/18 Kirsty Alentis

19/06/18 Kirsty Alentis


Finance Pair

10/10/17 Kirsty Alentis

16/01/18 Kirsty Alentis

21/05/18 Kirsty Alentis






Minster CEP Governing Body Meeting Apologies 2016 - 2017


FGB Meeting
Date:         Apologies from:  

21/09/2016   Will Wollen

14/12/2016    Will Wollen

01/02/2017    Will Wollen, Nicola Barras & Lyndsey Hogben

22/03/2017    Liz Shervington & Lyndsey Hogben


Minster CEP Governing Body Meeting Apologies 2015 - 2016
Curriculum Team 
Date: Apologies from:
10/11/2015 Paul McCarthy

Wendy Stone

21/06/2016 Lyndsey Hogben


Resource Team

Date: Apologies from:
22/10/2015 Will Wollen and Rev. Braddy
14/01/2016 None

Will Wollen and Paul McCartney

19/05/2016 None
07/07/2016 George Box
Strategy Team
Date: Apologies from:
10/09/2015 None
03/03/2016 None
08/07/2016 Rev.Braddy
FGB Meeting
Date: Apologies from:
23/09/2015 Kirsty Alentis and Jason Brown.
16/12/2015 Will Wollen and Donna Morling-Grove
27/04/2016 Penny Gimes, Lyndsey Hogben and Liz Shervington
13/07/2016 Will Wollen
EGB Meeting
Date: Apologies from:
10/11/2015 Will Wollen and Paul McCarthy

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