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Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Federation of Minster and Monkton Governing Body

Governors Welcome



Minster Church of England Primary School is a caring and nurturing place of learning, where everyone is valued as an individual and supported through an inclusive approach to succeed.


Minster is a school with a strong family ethos.  We have 14 classes (2 classes in each year group) with approximately 400 pupils on roll ageing from 4 - 11.  Minster School was founded in 1904 at it's present site, and in April 2019 we joined with Monkton Church of England Primary School to form the Federation of Minster and Monkton Church of England Primary Schools.


The school vision 'Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing with God' pervades all aspects of school life and reflects the aspiration that all children will leave school happy, contented and ready to face the world.  Central to school life are the Christian Foundations of Creation, Forgiveness, Justice, Love and Peace and the whole school community approaches school life in a way that enables all children to flourish.


We are supported by the Diocese of Canterbury and have close links with the village church.  We have developed a good relationship with the local village and play an active part in community life.  The school uses the local church for services at key points in the year and members of the clergy regularly lead Collective Worship in the school.


At Minster, we intend to create opportunities for the development of the Whole Child through both our Christian Foundations and Learning Values.  The children have many wonderful opportunities to experience learning in a range of contexts and in a rich environment which motivates and inspires and is enriched through the wider curricular opportunities available. 


The Governing Body are extremely proud of the staff team at Minster who work tirelessly to create inspirational and rich learning opportunities for all of the children.  They are hard-working, dedicated and talented professionals who continually seek to improve the learning opportunities for the children.


Please explore the website, Facebook page and You Tube Channel to find out more about our wonderful school.




The Federation of Minster and Monkton Church of England Primary Schools

                       Federation of                            

Minster & Monkton Church of England Primary Schools



Outline of our Governing Body


The Governing Body is responsible for


· Holding the Executive Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

· Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

· Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent


The Full Governing Body meets three times each school year. There are currently two Committees

· Finance, Resources and Personnel

· Curriculum and Learning

Each Committee consists of at least five Governors who meet three times a year and report back to the Governing Body.

All Governor monitoring visits are recorded and shared with the Full Governing Body. They can be used to monitor aspects of each Schools Plans. Minutes are taken at all Full Governing Body and Committee meetings to evidence the work of the school and Governors.

The Governing Body is made up of 13 Governors as shown below:

2 Parent Governors – appointed by parental election

1 Local Authority Governor – appointed by the local authority

1 Staff Governor – elected by staff

1 Executive Head Teacher

3 Foundation Governors – one being the Principle Officiating Minister of the Parish in which

the schools are situated

5 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the Governing Body




Mr D Philpot   - Chair of Governors               


I am focussed on the education of children and how governance can lead to increased chances for all children. This is something that I am fervently passionate about.  

In my professional life, I am a Partner in a Law firm and so I feel I am well placed to deal with the demands of school governance. Through my career, I have always acted in the best interests of my clients and I am excited to be able to be an advocate for the children of Minster and Monkton. 

I pride myself on my ability to make decisions that are right, rather than those that are easy. My role has given me the opportunity to hone my communication skills and I ensure that I hear all voices before making a decision that is right for those that it affects, i.e. in this case, the children of the Federation.  

I am well versed in leadership and in chairing meetings and financial performance and accountability, which are important to the role of Chair of Governors.  

My wife is also a primary school teacher and this has allowed me to have a firm understanding of the demands of educators and parents alike, which I feel benefits this role.  


Appointed by :- The Full Governing Body

Term of Office :- 20/09/2021-19/09/2025

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : Has two children present in school. No business interests declared.




Mr P McCarthy :- Executive Headteacher 


My name is Paul McCarthy, and I am the Executive Headteacher of the Federation between Minster and Monkton Primary Schools.

I have been teaching for 27 years, 13 years of which have been as a School Leader. I have a vast experience of teaching in a variety of settings and have a strong vision and passion for how teaching and learning should look in our Federation. Combined with an incredible teaching and learning team and support staff, it has enabled us to go from strength to strength.

Prior to my appointment as Executive Headteacher in September 2023, I was Head of School at Minster CEP.  During that time, I helped to create and develop good working practices across both of the Federation schools and am proud of the strong links that we have, as we continually strive to enhance these further.

On a personal level I enjoy spending time with my family. I manage my son’s football team at the weekends and love a long dog walk with my daughter and partner. I also love nature and when I have time, I can be found by the side of a lake or river fishing!

I have a very keen interest in sport both as a spectator and participant – I regularly play football and cycle to help maintain my own fitness. An active life helps to keep the brain active and alert – something that I ensure happens in both of my schools through a fun, engaging and invigorating curriculum during lesson time, playtimes, through inspiring school trips and at after school clubs as well.


.  Term of Office :- 201/09/2023 ongoing

Executive Headteacher

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No buisiness interests declared.






Mrs E Shervington - Foundation Governor


My name is Liz Shervington and I am a Foundation Governor.

I became a governor as I am a member of the PCC at St Mary’s in Minster.  I feel it’s important to invest in the future of children also to foster the links with the local church and the school has an important role in the local community.  I have two daughters, who are now in their 20’s, both attended the school. I live and work in Minster.


Term of Office :- 21/04/2023-20/04/2027

Appointed by :- The Diocese.

Committee:- Curriculum & Learning

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.



Mr C Mills - Foundation Governor      



'I have 4 years of Governor experience, at Dane Court Grammar School, Broadstairs, where I was a Modern Languages teacher from 1993-2014. Prior to that I taught for 11 years in schools in Essex, East Sussex and Kent.


I currently work for one of the main teachers' unions. My lifelong experience in state education therefore puts me in a good position to be a Governor.


I have been a Minster resident since 1999, and currently serve on the Parish Council. I have also been a member of Minster Church choir for 20 years. 


Like my fellow Governors, I hope to contribute to the schools' continued success, where the pupils thrive and achieve their full potential in a happy and caring environment.'



Term of Office :- 18/07/22-17/07/26

Appointed by :- The Diocese 

Committee:- Finance, Resource and Personnel- pay committee

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.




Mr M Kenny – Staff Governor  


As well as being a staff governor I am also Deputy Headteacher at Minster. I joined Minster in 2021 and I am very proud to be a teacher in our wonderful school. Before joining Minster, I gained twenty years of experience working in different school settings. I have fulfilled the role of teacher governor in a previous setting too. 


Outside of school I have a family of my own - two teenage daughters - so I also have the parental view of education. Personal family experience has also given me a view of the whole journey of children through the education system. I grew up in Ramsgate and have a good background knowledge of our local area as well. 


I look forward to using my experience in the positive decision-making process for both Minster and Monkton schools as a member of the Federation Governing Body. 


Term of Office :- 23/04/23 - 24/04/27

Committee:- Curriculum & Learning

Responsibilities :- Training & Development Governor

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.



Mrs N Sworder - Co-Opted Governor        

My name is Nicky Sworder and my professional background is in Mental Health. I originally trained in London as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and later in Kent as a BACP Accred. Counsellor, specialising in working with children, young people and families. I set up a School Counselling service working in different Kent schools. I also worked as a supervisor and trainer, offering workshops related to children and mental health. After gaining my MSc I reduced my work load and for the past few years have been involved in research. Mainly in connection to school policies, the psychological and emotional wellbeing of pupils and the whole school community.


I am pleased to be part of the Governing body as a Co-Opted Governor and aim to voice the mental health perspective when discussing school issues. As a team I believe we share a common goal: to create a healthy, happy and academically achieving school.


Term of Office :- 23/04/2019-22/04/2023

Appointed by :- The Governing Body (Vice Chair)

Committee:- Curriculum & Learning

Responsibilities :- SEND, Pupil Premium & Catch-up Premium Governor





Mr A Danes - Co-Opted Governor    


Term of office :- 23/01/2023 - 22/01/2027

Appointed by :- The Governing Body

Committee :- Finance, Resources & Personnel

Responsibilities :- Health and Safety

​​​​​​​Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.



Mrs T Chinnery - Parent Governor                      

Hello, my name is Trish Chinnery.

have been involved in Minster Church of England Primary School for 8 years now.  I am a dedicated and passionate person and I can honestly say that I believe both Minster and Monkton Schools are two of the very best in Kent, if not the country!  I chose to stand for election so that I, alongside the rest of the Governing Body, could give all of the children in both School communities the very best education.


I am a happily married mum of 3 children. Two of my children attend Minster, one of whom is in year 5 and the other is in year 1. My eldest child is now at secondary school.  I live locally to both schools and enjoy spending time walking, day trips out and most importantly spending time with my wonderful family.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work within the Federation and feel very humble to have been voted onto the Governing Board as a Parent Governor. Over my 4-year term of office, I promise to serve and work on behalf of all the children within our Federation and to be their voice. I am extremely excited to be a part of a team who together will strive to achieve the absolute best for all of the children and have both Schools' Vision, Values and Foundations at the heart of everything we do! 

I know many families from both villages and would just like take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me to hold the position of Parent Governor. You have my word that I will do my absolute best for all your children over my term of office. For those of you who do not know me, I very much look forward to getting to know you and your children on our journey together over the coming years. If you see me at either School or near the gates, please do stop to say hello. It's always so nice to see new faces and meet new people. 


Appointed by :- Parent Governor

Term of Office :- 20/09/21 - 19/09/25

Committee:- Curriculum and Learning

​​​​​​​Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.




Mr N Roberts - Co Opted Governor               



Born in 1951.  I left my Secondary School with GCE A levels in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and GCE A and S level in Geography. I immediately joined the Meteorologic Office as a Scientific Assistant and trained for three years at Heathrow Airport before my first posting to Manston. In my 42 years in the Meteorological Office my duties ranged from Observing, Forecasting, and Training before specialising in commercial activities, becoming Manager at Southampton Weather Centre. After that I headed the Utilities Team where I managed a revenue in excess of £15 million per annum. Upon retirement I had reached the equivalent grade of a Principle. For the last 10 years in the Met Office I became an expert on the likely effects of Climate Change on Utility infrastructure. I travelled extensively, liaised with numerous high profile businessmen and politicians, and was awarded the Office’s highest award, The Chief Executives Prize for excellence.


Outside of the Office I founded a food processing factory, receiving a number of awards for the excellence of the product. In 1988 the DTI recognised our achievements as my company won both regional and national awards for the Enterprise of the Year. After selling the business I created a privately funded weather app with Met Office support. This Commercial App, under the brand “Weather For”, produced site specific weather information and radar, for a multitude of sectors ranging from Education to Sport.


I remain active, playing golf several times a week, and still able to navigate Black Runs when the Family goes skiing.


Appointed by :- Governing Body

Term of Office :- 24/05/22 - 23/05/26

Committee:- Finance, Resources and Premises

​​​​​​​Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.


Mr A Tye

Appointed by:Parent Governor


Term of Office :- 17/11/2023 - 16/11/2027

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : Has two children currently in school. No business Interests to declare.


Mr G Mynheer

Appointed by:- Co-Opted Governor

Term of office:- 05/02/2024 - 04/02/2028    

I was born and raised in Thanet and have spent the last 25 years working across Kent & Medway in frontline emergency response.  This has given me the experience to deal with a wide range of challenging situations, working to try and achieve the best outcome for the people involved.  I currently manage a team, looking after training, welfare, career development, Health & Safety and wellbeing.  I bring a skill set that is transferable in a variety of ways, placing the children and staff at the centre, helping them to be the best they can be every day.

I have a large family and also provide support as a Foster Carer, delivering a therapeutic approach to parenting and sharing my experiences in this sector within the school.

I will commit fully to the role of Co-opted Governor, supporting the teams to deliver the educational, ethical and religious values that both schools aspire to. I will also challenge the teams where appropriate to uphold the highest standards in all aspects of education to ensure that the children receive the very best school experience.

In my spare time I enjoy distance running which supports both my physical and mental wellbeing.  We also enjoy family dog walks, the beach and just spending time together.


Staff Associate Members (No Voting Rights) 


Mr C Marston :- Head of School - Monkton                 

Term of Office :- 14/09/2021 - 13/09/2025

Business, Personal and Pecuniary interests : No business Interests to declare.



Mrs W Stone ; Executive Headteacher

Resigned : 31/08/2023



Mrs V Solly

Term of Office : 23/04/23 - 22/04/27

​​​​​​​Resigned 24/09/2023







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