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2023 - 2024

EYFS have had a fabulous day at the beach - we created sand art, went rock pooling and learnt how to keep safe at the beach.  We all had LOTS of FUN!!!!

EYFS have had great fun learning about Numbers today (we do this every day as numbers are EVERYWHERE but even more so today!!).  We have enjoyed making Numicon necklaces, playing Dominoes, creating numbers and bean bag counting to name just a few things!

In EYFS in Maths this week we have been learning how parts of a number can be made up to make a whole number.  We have learnt this using the Part Whole Model and can say things like 4 and 3 make 7 and 4 and 2 make 6.

Today EYFS took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch to see what different types of birds we could see around our school grounds. We recorded our results on Tens Frames and then worked out what were the most and least popular birds were. We have then submitted our results to the RSPB and lots of us would like to do this again at home over the weekend!

In our topic in EYFS we are learning about how we can help and improve our whole world and today we wanted to make bird feeders to help the birds during these cold temperatures.

We threaded cheerios onto pipe cleaners and then chose suitable places to hang them outside.

During 'Discovery Time', EYFS were investigating which objects were longer or shorter and why.

EYFS wanted to be ice investigators therefore yesterday some children set up a tuff tray with water and dinosaurs. All of the children were very excited to see what had happened over night. "The water has turned to ice" "I can see through the ice" " The dinosaurs are stuck" "I know how to free the dinosaurs using tools" "Jack Frost has been too".

EYFS have enjoyed learning about fireworks this week.  Here is our Numicon Fireworks City and we have painted Fireworks art using forks.

EYFS had great fun with the Star Man visiting with his Planetarium on Wednesday.  They learnt lots about space, stars and planets.  Unfortuantely it was very dark to take pictures inside the planetarium!

EYFS enjoyed taking part in our schools Term 1 Sports Day.  We all looked super sporty and practised shooting, dribbling, throwing and catching.  We had lots of fun!!

As part of our 'Me and my Community' topic we had Margate Fire Station come in and visit EYFS.  Children learnt all about the important jobs that they do to keep us safe and we even had a go spraying the hose!

EYFS have had a great first week learning Monster Phonics! 

Rainbow and Sunshine have loved their first full week at school.  Here are some of the things we have been up to!!

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