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Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God









                                       Our Curriculum Intent

At Minster it is our intent to ensure all children flourish, reach their full potential and aspire to
be the best person they can be, in every way. We do this through all of the experiences our
children engage in – this forms our curriculum. The curriculum develops our children in two main

  • Personal development
  • Educational development

Personal Development
The golden thread of character education is woven through all of our children’s experiences.
Over time, this enables them to make positive choices about how they live and behave. We want
every child to grow and flourish and become valuable members of our society, through
experiences that are Caught, Taught and Sought as they move through our school. This ethos
underpins our approach to our children’s personal development.
This comprises of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our children in order
to develop their understanding of our Christian Foundations and the part they play in our
everyday lives. The development of their character virtues and their understanding of our
British Values, enable them to flourish as individuals in our society. A vital aspect of this is our
Learning Values, as shown in our Minster Model for Learning. All of these comprise the Minster
curriculum that develops our children as individuals and is the basis for their educational

Educational Development
Our curriculum is ambitious and built in a broad and balanced manner, enabling our children to
develop a deep understanding of all subjects and the interconnections between them. Our
curriculum is designed to ensure children encounter and revisit their learning through a variety
of subject lenses. Over time, these encounters help children to build conceptual frameworks.
This enables a better understanding of increasingly sophisticated information and ideas. We use
Cornerstones as a vehicle for this. There are Big Ideas that are key themes that run all subject
areas. Creative planning ensures meaningful, cross curricular learning using a clear framework
for development.
National Curriculum programmes of study are broken down into learning intentions to develop
children’s skills and knowledge in each particular subject. Imaginative Learning Projects are
carefully selected to meet our children’s needs and interests. Children go through the learning
process that comprises of the following stages: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express.
Memorable experiences drive the project, creating active engagement for all pupils and offer
them life experiences that some of our children do not have access to elsewhere. 


If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding the curriculum for your child, please email Mr. M Kenny, Deputy Headteacher at

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