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Nightingale Academy

Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Our Christian Foundations

As a Church of England School, our Christian Foundations are an integral part of our school vision and ethos and they form the backbone of our school. We believe that they help us to nurture each individual child 'as a person'. We recognise that not all of our children are from a Church of England background; however, we believe that our foundations, our ethos and our opportunities for character development enable our children to flourish - regardless of their ethnicity, culture or religion. 

Just as the mustard tree must develop strong, deep roots, we encourage our children to do the same - embodying our Christian Foundations of Creation, Justice, Love, Peace and Forgiveness. We believe that regardless of faith, these foundations provide each individual with a compass that can guide them as they navigate through life, ensuring that they make decisions that align with who they are.

To help children make links between the Foundations and the different parts of the Trinity, we have aligned our Foundations with an aspect of God. To make this clear to the children, we have colour coded the Foundations to link with God the Father (purple - Creation and Justice), God the Son (red - Love), and God the Holy Spirit (gold - Peace and Forgiveness). 

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