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Free School Meals

Parents have the opportunity to complete an eligibility assessment themselves to establish whether they are entitled to Free School Meals.  Click here to start your online assessment/application


Benefits of receiving free school meals

In Kent, 21% of children receive free school meals. If you are eligible and register your child will get:

  • a choice of delicious, healthy hot meals every school day at no cost - this is worth £470 a year per child and recognised to improve behaviour and learning
  • meals to cater for cultural, dietary, and religious requirements
  • the chance to develop social skills by sitting with friends for a school meal
  • a £10 food voucher per eligible child each week during the school holidays.


School holiday arrangements

We're working with schools to make sure that families who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals will receive vouchers to feed their children during school holidays.


You'll get a £10 voucher per eligible child, which can be spent in supermarkets and local shops.

If your child gets free school meals because they are in year 2 or below, you will still need to apply for benefits-related free school meals to get vouchers during the October break.

Contact your child's school if you are unsure what arrangements are being put in place for your family.


    To register your child for milk click here: COOL MILK

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