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Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Special Events

KS1 Nativity, Follow the Star.

This term, the Christian Foundation that we are focusing on is Peace. The Year 6 children had the opportunity to go and experience the peaceful and awe-inspiring building of Canterbury Cathedral last week! It was amazing to go and explore Canterbury Cathedral with our Year 6 children, to reflect in prayer stations and to participate in a service, together with 11 other schools. The awe and wonder on their faces when they looked up at the ceiling was fabulous to see! We were reminded while we were there that the Cathedral is 'our' Cathedral; a place where we (and anyone) can explore spirituality and worship God, if we choose to do so.

Each group also got to take part in some engaging activities; stone masonry, organ playing, exploring stain glass windows, and some of us even got to try our hand at acting!

The children were fantastic and had a great day!

Children of Minster Church of England Primary School paying tribute to the Queen and Head of the Church of England in our church service on Friday.

Our Christain Ambassadors leading part of the Easter Service.

Year 3 really enjoyed their Christingle- what a beautiful service. We feel all Christmasy now!

It was a pleasure to have our traditional Harvest Festivals take place this year. It has been so long since we have been able to fill the church with our singing! The children enjoyed sharing their learning about Harvest. All our donations this year were passed on to our local churches who are supporting Community Sponsorship. The Community Sponsorship is a UK refugee resettlement program, which will enable us to welcome a refugee family to live in our community of Minster. Although the Salvation Army is the lead sponsor for this project, there are a variety of people involved from within the village, including members of St Mary’s Church. If you would like more information about Community Sponsorship, please go to to investigate this charity and how they help refugees.


With the recent global news of more people being displaced from their homes, collections like this are all the more relevant. When we think on our Christian Foundation of Love, we are called to love not only the people we know, but all our neighbours, local and global.

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