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Minster Church of England Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Our Christian Foundation of Justice

Justice - Be fair and do what is right


When a farmer plants a seed, they never know how it will grow; they may have a good idea, but no one can ever be sure. Some seeds need extra water because the year is dry, some need a bit of fertiliser to encourage extra growth – the farmer is always nurturing their crops and looking for the best way to care for each individual circumstance. We see through our Christian Narrative of the Mustard Seed that it is important to ‘be fair and do what is right’ for each of our mustard seeds; if a child or adult needs extra support, we will lovingly nurture them. We also teach our children about doing the right thing for others – ensuring that we protect, as the farmer protects his crop, and ensuring we seek to be fair when we see injustice in the world.

Our Christian Foundation Scripture For Justice:

Psalm 106:3 - “Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.”

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