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Year 5 French Residential Trip


11th to 13th June 2014


Last week some of the Year 5 children visited different places in Northern France for 3 days. This was a fantastic opportunity to experience French culture and converse in the French language. We had a brilliant time and have brought back many life long memories!


Here we are outside our chalets in Ambleteuse enjoying the glorious weather! At our centre we took part in various sport activities like swimming, cricket and football each afternoon. On Thursday evening (after another outfit change of course) we danced our socks off at the disco - teachers included!

Picture 1

During our stay we visited a French school to immerse ourselves in the language. We gave the children a warm greeting by singing a song all about football in French. Here we are in the midst of it, demonstrating our actions.

Picture 1

On our first day we visited the Sealife Centre at Nausicaa. We had the opportunity to see a range of creatures from all over the world.


We were even treated to a sea lion show, which we loved!

Picture 1

We We also took the opportunity to converse in French at a local French market in the town of Wimereux. 


Here we are styling our Berets and newly bought gifts. We also enjoyed buying the ingredients for a sausage baguette and eating those along the quayside in the sun.

Picture 1

Year 5 Art Week


11th to 13th June 2014

Picture 1
While some of the Year 5 were in France, the rest of us had a wonderful time enjoying the fine hot weather here at Minster and out and about in Margate. Our focus for the week was exploring artists and their work. We looked in detail at the work of Andy Goldsworthy, an artist who uses nature as his inspiration. We collected lots of found objects around the school grounds and put them together to make our own sculptures. We filmed our work on the Ipads, so that could speed up the film of our work, like a mini ‘Art Attack’ programme on TV!
Picture 1

This is the day we went to the Turner Contemporary.


When we first arrived we had to lie on the floor and look up at a sculpture hanging from the ceiling – what a strange welcome!
Picture 1

   We then had to describe with words our thoughts and feelings looking up at the vast space.


 We had a great tour around the artworks and sat discussing what we saw and our impressions.
Picture 1

All in all we learnt so much about the techniques that artists use and how they are influenced by their surroundings.


To begin our new topic on The Tudors, this week the children have explored how the Tudor reign began.


It all started with the ‘Battle of Bosworth’ where young Henry Tudor (Lancastrian house) fought against King Richard Plantagenet (York house) for the throne of England.


Although they were hugely outnumbered, the Lancastrians won, thus meaning Henry Tudor became King of England. He then married Elizabeth of York (Richard’s niece) to unite the two households. This brought peace after 100 years of warring and begun the infamous reign of the Tudors.

Picture 1 Henry Tudor (red rose)
Picture 2 Richard Plantagenet (white rose)

To enable the children to fully understand the pivotal events that happened on this battle field, we re-enacted this on the school playground.


I hope you enjoy our different interpretations – we certainly did!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In term 4, we have been exploring the importance of sustainability and looking after our world.


We have used Michael Morpurgo’s – “Kensuke’s Kingdom” as a stimulus, particularly focusing on how we can use natural materials to survive. It is centred around a 11 year old boy named Michael, who becomes stranded on a desert island, but soon realises he is not alone…

Picture 1

Here we are exploring how to you might go about cleaning sea water in order to be able to drink it. We used a filtering system to race against each other to produce the cleanest water. Who do you think should win?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Through Art we have been exploring the technique and work of the Japanese artist – Hokusai. Within his work he focuses on illustrating the enormity of nature against the insignificance of mankind. This is a key theme that runs throughout “Kensuke’s Kingdom”.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Here are our own interpretations of his famous piece “The Great Wave of Kanagawa.”

Picture 1
Picture 2

This term we have been studying a text called “Journey to Jo’Burg”. It tells the tale of two children growing up in a rural village in South Africa and explores the impact of the Apartheid upon their own lives.



To understand how it must have felt living under Apartheid we imagined ourselves in the roles of the children.


This piece of writing illustrates the children’s first experience with the strict rules of the Apartheid.



This extract explores the children’s reaction to first seeing the big city of Johannesburg.



Here are some South African masks that we created out of Modroc. We sculpted and moulded them to show different emotions and chose striking colours to give a powerful impact.




Throughout this unit we have been learning about the influential leader Nelson Mandela. We have researched and explored his campaign for equality in South Africa and the hardships he faced along the way.


Picture 1

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey

Write the story that the Snowman goes on to get Mrs Snowman her Christmas Present.
Due in 13th December

The Snowman Full Version HQ

One of my festive favourites Is an animated adventure from 1982 about a young English boy who makes a snowman one Christmas Eve, only for it to come to life that night and take him on a magical adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

Check out this brilliant video about cyberbulling and the consequences of sharing passwords...

Anti-Social Behaviour

A film produced by jam-av in partnership with Eastlands Primary School to highlight the effects and possible consequences of bullying and cyber bullying.

In Year 5 we have been learning about how Ancient Egyptians prepared the dead for the afterlife; this is called Mummification. Over the past few weeks we have spent a long time carefully writing an instruction manual for how to embalm a body. We thoroughly enjoyed describing the gruesome process and they are displayed outside our classrooms for others to enjoy. Not for the faint hearted!


Here are some examples.



Thanks to all for putting so much hard work into your projects over half term. We so enjoyed viewing and admiring these, whilst also learning a great deal of interesting facts. Here is Millie with her trusty assistant engaged in the grisly task of embalming!


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