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Did you know that in September:

The autumn equinox is on the 23rd. This is when the day and nights are of

equal length.

· Badgers spend time repairing their setts ready for the winter.

· Red deer males compete for the attention of the females by letting out loud

roars (also known as belling) to attract the female and intimidate rivals.

However, sometimes two stags will lock horns and try to throw each other off


· Flocks of swans migrate from Iceland to northern Britain



What to look for in September.

How many of these things will you see?

acorns and conkers

leaves changing colour on the trees

animal droppings

a squirrel with a nut


Things to do:

Grow a nut

Find a handful of fallen acorns and conkers.

1. Choose two nuts that have not been cracked or squashed.

2. Place them in a bowl of water and leave to soak overnight.

3. The next day, place each nut in a pot with some soil and water them.

4. Keep an eye on the plant pots and make sure the soil never gets too dry.

5. If you are lucky, a tiny oak or chestnut tree will start to grow in the


Don't forget to make a record of what happens to your nut!




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