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Orange Class

World Cup Week

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                            Kent Schools under 11’s 2013/14


There were two selection trials to get into the county squad. From the 80 children 19 boys were selected from the final trial at Sittingbourne.


Our first game was played against Fulham in November, who we beat 14-2!! We were brilliant that night and played very well. We didn’t kick off until 7pm and by the end of the game it was freezing. Fulham’s training ground is called Motspur Park. It was very nice and the grass on the training pitches was like the grass on the bowling green at the bowls club next to our school. We played on a 3G pitch next to their dome.

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Orange class enjoying science week.

Orange class enjoying science week. 1
Orange class enjoying science week. 2
Orange class enjoying science week. 3
Orange class enjoying science week. 4
Orange class enjoying science week. 5
Orange class enjoying science week. 6
Orange class enjoying science week. 7
Orange class enjoying science week. 8
Orange class enjoying science week. 9
Orange class enjoying science week. 10
Orange class enjoying science week. 11
Orange class enjoying science week. 12
Orange class enjoying science week. 13
Orange class enjoying science week. 14
Orange class enjoying science week. 15
Orange class enjoying science week. 16
Orange class enjoying science week. 17

Victorian Fairground Rides


By Year 6


Today marked the last day of Year 6’s Victorian themed learning. Throughout the last two terms, we have been looking at many aspects of life during the Victorian period. This included studying Victorian Fairground rides. Our learning incorporated: Researching rides using the internet and books; designing a ride; producing a prototype and finally, today’s event – making the final product. Take a look at our creations…Would you be brave enough to take a ride on them?!

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Wonderful Writing in Year 6


This week, Year 6 have been writing about ‘fantasy landscapes’. The classes were given the target of improving their sentence openings and their vocabulary.


Please read some extracts from their independent work – I’m sure you’ll agree, they have written some wonderful descriptions!

Robot Unity


Amelia Turner (Silver Class)


He sat at his desk in the black room filled with mechanical objects and glass cabinets. His face illuminated by the solar lamp on the side of his work table; it was the only light in the room. Tamkhan slumped on his chair in deathly silence, twiddling around his pencil in one hand, and shoving a sherbet lemon to his lips with the other.


It was hard to concentrate when you’re filled in a room with eye-catching experiments. Every once in a while, his fair, spikey hair would droop down with fiery red highlights leaning over the top of his metallic headband with the initials of ‘R.U’ (Robot Unity). Gradually, his blue eyes filled with silvery specks, would stray away from his artistic diagram of a cyborg onto nuts and bolts of a nanobite; nothing in the room was finished.


Slowly, he pushed up off his chair, over to the window to open the hatch. Moonlight caught the side of modern architecture of massive skyscraper domes, hovering vehicles and sparkling houses. The muddy brown coat of his weighed to his knees, which was held in place by a metal belt.

Instantly, after a strange thought of his, he jolted around, searching around in his blazer pocket. It was tinsy, but no matter how much is in it – it never fills. Tucking in his rich, red jersey, he slung off his jacket to reveal a shoulder length shirt with long and baggy trousers that clung onto his ankles. The shoes of his were the latest brand of trainers – a cloudy grey fill with a red rim.


It wasn’t long before Tamkhan was clutching onto a spanner and holding memory chips.


“Never be able to design a robot eh?” Tamkhan mumbled to himself, “We’ll see about that then!”


His eyes glowed with passion and determination as he bit his bottom lip. He clutched his fists even harder. His face began to heat up – red as a beetroot. His blonde hair stuck to his forehead. Eyes – red with tiredness.

Soon after, standing idly in front of him was a dazzling, new robot.


Tamkhan inhaled with relief as he scanned his creation. But what he didn’t notice was the red in his robot’s eye – staring directly at his face. He wasn’t aware that he mixed up the trait chips, which he’d really regret!


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Year 6 Victorian Day




On Friday the 10th of January 2014 we experienced what it would have been like at a Victorian school. On the day we all attended school in traditional Victorian clothing and had to line up (Boys and girls separately).


To attend school we had to pay a penny. We had to show the teacher our hands and if they not clean we had to wash them thoroughly. We learnt about the three R’s: Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic and copied facts about Queen Victoria into our books. We also had the opportunity to write on slates and in sand trays, practicing the old English handwriting. We had to write with our right hand (even if we were left handed) or we would get a cruel punishment- including the dunce hat, fingers stocks and even the cane!


Later on in the day we did the drill at our desks; the drill is a sequence of stretches. At break we played traditional Victorian games like ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’.


By Gabby and Eden




On Victorian day we learnt about a Victorian child’s normal school day. In the beginning of the day, we had to stand outside in the freezing cold to line up to enter the classroom. Once we entered the classroom we had to sit on long benches, boys on one side and girls on the other. The punishments were extremely brutal for children aged between 10 and 11. For example you would receive the finger stocks for fiddling. Once you were put in the finger stocks you would be stuck in the painful position with your hands behind your back- sometimes for the entire day!


 Also two people, who I am not naming, received the ‘cane’ for stealing another child’s pencil and the other for poking another child. Back then, some children would have got the dunce hat for making a silly mistake; or getting a question wrong that the teacher thought you could answer. Every time an adult entered the room we had to stand up as a sign of respect. If we received permission to speak we would have to stand up. Children would write in trays of sand or on a slate and older pupils used a quill. There was also a rule that if you wrote with your left hand you would be punished because it was considered evil as more people wrote with their right hand.


During the day we had to recite prayers and learn the school rule or ‘motto’ off by heart:

‘Good better best,
Never let it rest,
Til your good is better
And your better best’


By Joe Clark


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Dover Castle and The Secret Wartime Tunnels


This week, Orange and Silver Class visited Dover Castle to take a tour through the Secret Wartime Tunnels. This was arranged to support our World War 2 theme this term.


The trip was fantastic. We learnt all about Operation Dynamo and how Vice Admiral Bertram Ramsay co-ordinated hundreds of boats (big and small) to sail across The English Channel and save our troops from the beaches of Dunkirk. All this was operated from the confines of the Wartime Tunnels. They were very claustrophobic!


Later on in the day, Miss Wilkinson and Mr Marston read the book, ‘Little Ships’ to us. As we gazed out over the ocean we could imagine the boats, some owned by ordinary folk risking their lives, coming home with a boatful of wounded, tired and hungry soldiers. This felt incredibly poignant and will inform our writing next week.

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