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Did you know that in November:

Some animals such as hedgehogs go into hibernation: their breathing


other body systems slow down in order to conserve energy.

Many other animals shelter in dens and burrows, under logs or inside


hollows. They, too, will sleep for long periods, but will venture out to forage

for food during periods of mild weather.

Decaying leaves on the forest floor provide ideal conditions for fungi to





What to look for in November.

How many of these things will you see?

ladybirds coming indoors

clusters of berries

large flocks of starlings

old man's beard

birds roosting in the treetops




Things to do:

Are you as smart as a squirrel?

Next time you go for a walk, collect a handful of acorns or other nuts.

Hide them under leaves or push them gently into the ground.

Go away for 10 -15 minutes, then return to the area. Can you find where

all the nuts were hidden?