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Daily Update - Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Wednesday 22nd January 2020


DoodleMaths '30 day challenge' - we are now on day 10 (officially started on Monday 13th January. However it is fine if children started earlier than this as there were a few technical issues over the weekend 10-12th).  How are you doing?  Are you on track to achieve your target?  Have you been Doodling more?  The DoodleMaths Leaderboard last Friday 17th January showed many more stars being collected than normal.  Some children have changed their challenge because they felt it was 'too easy' before so they are aspiring to gain even more stars now! Remember you will earn housepoints and extra playtime if you succeed with this challenge!!  

If you can't find and need another '30 day challenge' sheet please find it attached.

Thanks and keep Doodling!

Mrs Bailey


YEAR 2 – we are going on a walk around Minster Abbey on Tuesday 4th February.  We are looking for parent helpers for this trip. If you are able/would like to help us, please contact Liz in the Office.  Timings are 9am – 12pm. Many thanks for your continued support.


PARENT CONSULTATIONS – these are being held on Wednesday 12th February.  Letters will be coming home this week.  Please remember to tick ALL the times you are available on the 12th February.


RECEPTION SEPTEMBER 2020 – the deadline for registering children for Primary School has been extended to February 2020.


LIBRARY BOOKS – we unfortunately still have a large amount of books outstanding/not returned to our Library.  If your child has borrowed a book, could we please ask that it be returned as soon as possible.  Some of our books are overdue by nearly 50 days!


FANCY DRESS COSTUMES – if you have any spare fancy dress costumes.  Could we please ask that you donate them to our school.  We are trying to boost our lunchtime play equipment and would love any costumes you may wish to donate.

Please see added/changes to the Key Dates – these are marked in RED


03/02/2020 Choir - Young Voices at the 02  
10/02/2020 Last week of After School Clubs  
12/02/2020 Parent Consultations  
14/02/2020 Last day of term 3  
24/02/2020 Start of Term 4  
28/02/2020 Year 2 - Leeds Castle (TBC)  
02/03/2020 Book Week  
05/03/2020 World Book Day  
09/03/2020-12/02/2020 Book Fair  
09/03/2020-13/03/2020 Sports Relief - Week of activities  
20/03/2020 Athlete visit  
24/03/2020 Year 4 - Kent Life Viking Day Trip  
25/03/2020 Class photos  
01/04/2020 Last day of Term 4  
16/04/2020 Start of Term 5  
TERM 3 6th January 2020 - 14th February 2020  
TERM 4 24th February - 1st April 2020  
TERM 5 16th April - 22nd May 2020  
TERM 6 1st June 2020 - 16th July 2020  
STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAYS 17th July, 20th July, 21st & 22nd July (NO CHILDREN IN SCHOOL)  




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