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Daily Update - Friday 22nd November

WEDNESDAY 27th NOVEMBER – NON UNIFORM in exchange for items for Christmas Fair.  Attached is a copy of the letter sent out recently regarding items for the Christmas Fair.


SCARLET CLASS – we will be creating our Christmas hoop next week and would like 500ml plastic bottles to create snowmen.  Any donations of these bottles would be greatly appreciated.  We will be making our hoop next Friday.


YEAR 4 – FRIDAY 29th NOVEMBER – “Music Through the Decades” dress up day.  Children can choose any decade they like and dress in an outfit to match the music being listened to at that time.


THE READING RACE – we would like to introduce our new whole school competition – The Reading Race.  The competition will promote and encourage children to be reading regularly at home and celebrate classes who are doing this consistently.  At the end of each term, teachers will calculate the percentage of children in their class who are reading at home 5 times a week.  The higher the percentage, the further the class will move along the track!


At the end of the year, the winning class will win £50 for their class to spend on their book corner (to go up with them to their next class). The class themselves will decide on their prize (this may be a selection of books, comfortable cushions and beanbags or even some twinkly lights)!  Of course, if Year 6 win, something else will be put into place with the prize money.

In the school hall, we have a new display which will visually show which class is winning the race each term – keep a look out for termly updates on Facebook and the website!

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