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Minster Church of England Primary School

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CHRISTMAS VISITOR – an important letter has gone out today regarding a special visitor coming to see us during December. Please be aware that this visit will take place under strict Covid guidelines.

COVID - It has been brought to our attention by staff and parents with children in secondary school, that a large proportion of children who have tested positive recently have not displayed 'classic' Covid symptoms. The common denominator has been 'sore throat' & 'headaches/fuzzy head'. As a school we still need to follow the government guidance re. symptoms, but should you have any concerns regarding your child's health at this time, we understand parents erring on the side of caution and confirming via the Covid testing system.

COVID TESTING – a reminder – if a member of your household has to go for a Covid test, please remember that all those within the household MUST self isolate until the results of the Covid test have been received. Please advise us of who the person is going for the test. Children can then return to school once a negative result is received.

COVID-19 RESULTS – could we please ask that before your child/ren return to school after having a Covid test that you notify the Office of the results. Even if the results are negative it is beneficial for us to know prior to your child/ren returning to school.

FREE SCHOOL MEALS – an email has gone out today regarding Free School Meals. Could I please ask that you read this letter very carefully. It may well be that now given the current situation with Covid and people being furloughed or loosing their jobs that you now qualify for Free School Meals.

Please take the time if you think you might be eligible to register your child for Free School Meals (it only takes a few minutes). Please do remember that if you are already in receipt of this for one child then your other children may also be eligible for Free School Meals. Those who are eligible and are currently in receipt of Free School Meals will be receiving vouchers during the Christmas holidays to assist with their food shopping. £15 per week per child.


Please be assured that it is entirely confidential and that no other parties are aware of who is in receipt of Free School Meals.


Any assistance that you may be entitled too during this difficult time would be well worth looking into.


END OF DAY COLLECTION – if you have a child/ren who should be isolating, please do not bring them onto our school site when collecting siblings. Thank you.

ADVENT TREE CELEBRATION – please see attached flyer – for each of the four Advent Sundays a different group from the village will be decorating a tree in the churchyard.

YEAR 4 - are going to have their ‘Dancing through the decades disco’ on Thursday 10th December, for their Playlist topic. Children can come in dressed up as any musician of their choice from the 20th-21st century.

REMINDER - Indoor Sports Week BLUE CLASS – will be taking part in Indoor Sports Week tomorrow 27th November. Children can wear school PE kits. Please ensure children wear appropriate clothing for the weather as the children will still be going outside for break and lunch time, e.g. sport trainers, tracksuit bottoms, coloured PE top, jumper and a coat.

Friday - Year 2


COVID 19 – should you or a member of your family at anytime need to go for a Covid test. Could we please ask that you notify us as soon as possible of the results. Should this happen over the weekend or out of school hours, please contact 07741 594078.

NHS SUPERHERO COMPETITION TIME – we have been asked by a parent to bring this exciting competition to everyone’s attention. Please see the poster below.

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