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DAILY UPDATE – 12th March 2021

DAILY UPDATE – 12th March 2021 

If your child is unwell in any form ie headache, tummy ache, sickness, sore throat etc. PLEASE DO NOT send them into school. We would encourage you to undertake a Lateral Flow test on your child.  These can be obtained from the sites as listed further in this Update. Please ensure you inform the School of the results of the test. 

ABSENCE – please remember to call the Office if your child is going to be absent from school. 

REMINDER – please can we reiterate once again about social distancing when collecting/dropping off your children.  Please DO NOT stand and have a chat with others by the gates.  Also, please be considerate to those who have been queuing and join the end of the line.  Remember Mr McCarthy’s motto – Drop and Go – Keep the Flow or Pick Up and Go – Keep the Flow. Thank you to you all for your continued support. 

CONTACT DETAILS – could I please stress how important it is to have an up to date contact number for parents.  Should your child fall ill whilst at school it is imperative that we are able to get hold of you.  If you do change your contact details whether it be mobile,home number, email or address, please do notify us as a matter of urgency.  Thank you Liz/Karen. 

YEAR 2 - require junk modelling suitable for creating castles - cardboard tubes, carboard boxes of all shapes and sizes. We would like all donations preferably by Friday 19th March to allow for the necessary quarantine time. 


DINNER MONEY – if your child has a school dinner, please ensure this is paid either on the day or by the end of the week.  School dinners are £2.24 per day or £11.20 for the week.  Please pay via  If you have any problems with this, please contact the Office. Reminder payment is only applicable for Years 3,4,5 & 6. 

GUIDANCE RE RAPID LATERAL FLOW TESTS – you will see that another site has been added to the list for collection of Lateral Flow Tests.  Remind for families of the guidance which can be found:-[http://Rapid%20lateral%20flow%20testing%20for%20households%20and%20bubbles%20of%20school%20pupils%20and%20staff%20-%20GOV.UK%20(]Rapid lateral flow testing for households and bubbles of school pupils and staff - GOV.UK ( 



From 1 March 2021, if you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble or support bubble of staff or a pupil you can get a twice-weekly test. 

Get a test through your employer 

Your workplace may offer rapid lateral flow testing to you. Contact your employer to find out more. 

Take a test at a rapid lateral flow test site 

You can take a rapid lateral flow test at a local site. Testing at these sites is assisted, which means you will swab yourself under the supervision of a trained operator. 

You may need to book an appointment. 

Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site

Order home test kits online 

If you cannot get tested at your workplace, or are unable to go to a test site or collect test kits, you can order a home test kit online. 

Do not order online if you can get a test through other methods. This frees up home delivery for those who need it most. 

Order rapid lateral flow home test kits 

Collect test kits 

You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Each pack contains 7 tests. 

Anyone 18 or over can collect. 

Most collection points are open from 1.30pm to 7pm. You can check online if the location is open or busy before you go. You do not need to make an appointment. 

Do not visit a collection point outside opening hours, as it may be used to test people with coronavirus symptoms outside these times. 

Find your nearest home test kit collection point

For your ease the test centres where kits can be collected are as follows: 


Site Name 


Dreamland Car Park (LTS & RTS) 


Manston Airport  


SPONSORED READ – Please ensure any sponsor monies are handed into school by 27th March.  Many thanks for your support with this event. 

LAST DAY OF TERM – Thursday 1st April for the Easter holidays.  Start of Term 5 is Monday 19th April 

COVID TESTING – a reminder – if a member of your household has to go for a Covid test, (NOT a work requested Lateral Flow Test) please remember that all those within the household MUST self isolate until the results of the Covid test have been received. Please advise us of who the person is going for the test. Children can then return to school once a negative result is received. 

COVID 19 – should you or a member of your family at anytime need to go for a Covid test. Could we please ask that you notify us as soon as possible of the results.  Should this happen over the weekend or out of school hours, please contact 07741 594078. 


Have a lovely weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day to all


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