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COVID-19 Update for all Parents/Carers,

The Federation of Minster and Monkton
Church of England Primary Schools
COVID-19 Update for all Parents/Carers, Staff and Governors
13th March 2020
 Today's government advice states that anyone with a fever (37.8 or above) and/or a new persistent cough should self-isolate for seven days.
 Only those showing these symptoms should self-isolate; anyone who does have symptoms
must do so. Further guidance on self-isolation follow link -
 We will endeavour to keep our schools open to as many pupils as possible for as long as the national position is for schools to remain open.
 For now, the schools are fully open for all staff and pupils without symptoms.
 If a pupil or member of staff is absent from school, please use normal absence reporting procedures.
 If the absence is related to a decision to self-isolate, please make this clear in the message you leave as we need to report numbers to the authorities (no names will be shared).
 If there are any confirmed cases of COVID-19, please inform the school as a matter of urgency.
 Please assume that classes will operate as normal on a daily basis. Should the situation arise where staff or pupils numbers affect this, the Heads of School and the Executive Headteacher will make a decision about how to respond appropriately each day.
 As far as possible, normal timetabled lessons will run.
 It is possible/likely that we may have to merge classes together to cater for your child/children’s education.
 It is difficult to be precise about exactly what curriculum we will be able to offer as this will depend on staff absence and pupil numbers, but we will aim to deliver a ‘normal’ school day.
 As far as possible, normal leadership arrangements will prevail.
 If a Head of School is absent, the Executive Head teacher will deputise in that school.
 If this is not possible, at Minster the Assistant Headteachers will take responsibility for running the school and at Monkton this will be the Senior Teacher.
 If there are further issues, we may consider redeployment across schools.
Provision of work
 For staff who are absent and who are very unwell, there will be no expectation to provide work.
 For those who are absent because they have symptoms, but those symptoms would not normally prevent them from attending work, we would ask that set work is provided via email to the SLT Line Manager and Head of School. This will help in the setting of work in school.
 It is to be hoped that Caterlink will be able to provide adequate staffing to allow school meal functions to continue.
 Were this not to be the case, we would need to ask all pupils to bring packed lunches to school.
 In the event that this comes to pass, the Executive Headteacher and Head of School will make arrangements to ensure that there is provision for pupils who are entitled to Free School Meals.
School Trips
The government has decided that all school trips overseas will be suspended for the time being. We will take advice in relation to this development over the coming days and communicate further as soon as we are able.
School Closure
 In the event that absence of staff makes keeping the school fully open impossible and/or a health and safety risk, the decision will be made to partially or fully close the school.
 This decision will be made by the Executive Headteacher and the Heads of School in light of advice from DFE, KCC and national bodies.
 It will be communicated to staff and parents via email, school websites and social media channels.
 In the event of a partial or full closure, we will endeavour to provide work for pupils to complete at home.
Mrs W Stone Executive Headteacher

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