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Nightingale Academy

Minster C of E Primary School

Nurturing Foundations, Flourishing With God


Minster CEP Staff

Picture 1 Mrs W Stone, Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr P McCarthy, Head of School / Inclusion Leader
Picture 3 Mrs K Alentis, Assistant Head
Picture 4 Mr C Marston, Assistant Head
Picture 5 Mrs W Vinson, Business Support Officer
Picture 6 Mrs L Wilkinson, Year 6 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs R Wish, Year 6 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs G Taylor, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs K Ramsden, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss E Hill, Year 5 Teacher
Picture 11 Mr A Woodward, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs K Roger, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs A Bailey, Year 2 Teacher
Picture 14 Miss J Mellin, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs J Howes, Year 1 Teacher
Picture 16 Miss S Davis, Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs A McCoy, Foundation Stage Teacher
Picture 18 Mrs R Newman, SENCO & Reading Recovery Teacher
Picture 19 Mrs P Hogben, Teacher / Lead TA
Picture 20 Miss L Theoff, Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs C Newgreen, Mentor/Inclusion Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs H Elks, Mentor/Inclusion Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs J Horton, TA/ HLTA
Picture 24 Mrs J Brown, TA
Picture 25 Mrs S Jezzard, Librarian/ TA
Picture 26 Miss L Heath, TA
Picture 27 Mrs Z Rae, TA
Picture 28 Mrs S Holland TA
Picture 29 Mrs S Richards, TA
Picture 30 Mrs M Cobb, TA
Picture 31 Mrs S Daw, TA
Picture 32 Mrs V Haswell, TA
Picture 33 Miss F Mackins, TA
Picture 34 Mrs K Hogben, TA
Picture 35 Mrs S Burslem, TA
Picture 36 Mrs T Vine, TA
Picture 37 Mrs H Beckley, Receptionist
Picture 38
Picture 39 Mr C Hall, Premises Assistant
Picture 40 Mrs A Syme, MDMS
Picture 41 Mrs P Oldbury, MDMS/Cleaner
Picture 42 Mrs R Godden, MDMS/Cleaner
Picture 43 Ms J Coleman, MDMS
Picture 44 Mrs M-A Johnson, Cleaner

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Trust Information

Willows Academy Trust

A part of the federation of the Monkton Church of England Primary School

Monkton Church of England Primary School