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Summer solstice is the 21st when it is the longest day and

shortest night.


Did you know that in June:


Queen bees and her workers fly to start a new colony. They start to cluster on

a branch while scouts look for a suitable site for a hive.

Stag beetles fight each other for the right to might with a female. The male

can grow up to nine centimetres long!

Baby rabbits are called kittens. They are naked, blind and helpless when they

are born but in a few days they have grown soft baby fur.


What to look for in June.

How many of these things will you see?


bats flying at dusk


dog rose




swifts and swallows


bees on a flower


Things to do:

Pressing flowers

1: Pick a flower from your garden or find one that has fallen naturally.

NEVER pick wild flowers.

2: Place it between several sheets of kitchen towel.

3: Place the flower and paper between two books and leave for at least

three days.

4: Stick the flowers and leaves into your nature diary.







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