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Did you know that in February:

Frogs come and out from where they have been hibernating during the winter,

sheltering from the cold winter weather and predators. They head towards the

pond where they hatched out. So determined to get there they do not even stop

to feed. The female mates, lays her eggs and then leaves the pond to search for



Badgers give birth to their cubs. They are kept worm by their mothers body and

the thick bedding of bracken.



What to look for in February.

How many of these things will you see?


catkins on branches

lichen on a tree

owl pellets

a snail sleeping inside it's shell






Things to do:

Making bark rubbings

Trees are covered by a protective layer called bark. Making a wax rubbing

allows you to take a closer look.

Hold a piece of white paper against a tree and rub a wax crayon over the paper,

using long smooth strokes.

When you get home, wash watery paint over the rubbings to see them more



Why not go on a mini-beast hunt or learn the names of wild flowers and fungi. In Kent

there are many different events that are free or ask for a small donation. Some of

the websites are listed below.

The RSPB has several sites in Kent that are usually inexpensive to visit.

This is a brilliant site to visit that is packed with ideas.












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