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This week, in our English lessons, Year 5 have been finding out lots of facts about gold as part of our quest to find gold and gems on Alchemy Island. We conducted research to answer our questions using ipads and texts. Later in the week, we used our research to plan and write non-chronological reports and next week we will be using Microsoft Publisher to redraft and present our reports for the Chief Alchemist on Alchemy Island. 
This week, Year 6 have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of a poor housemaid in Victorian Britain. They have learnt to write using a mix of standard and non-standard English and to write short anecdotes using extended noun phrases and fronted adverbials.
Take a look at their fantastic writing - this is just a selection!
Below you will be able to see writing from Madison, Leighton, Tallulah, Esther, Maisy and Eden.
Well done Year 6! You done great work what you did! 

Editing Stations - look at the attentiveness of these Year 6 children

Victorian Housemaid Diaries

Poems to explain the lasting impact bullying can have - Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Improving our balanced arguments using Editing Stations

A massive 'Well Done' to all of the children who entered our 'World Book Day' design a book cover competition. There were some amazing entries and efforts- it was so hard to decide the winners but here they are! 
White and Yellow Class got together this week as they are 'Buddy Classes'. This time we shared our fantastic writing that we have both done in our Gold Books. First White Class shared their work on Dinosaurs with their special buddy and then Yellow Class shared their writing on the fairy tale, Rapunzel.  We got to say what we liked about each other's work. White and Yellow Class are really enjoying this time together.


Blue Class enjoyed inviting Purple Class to see their fabulous writing about the Antarctic and famous explorers.

Blue Class have planned their descriptive writing by using their Story S's.

Year 2 have loved looking at the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich' by Gareth Edwards. They have had the opportunity to re-tell the story in their own words. As well as creating their very own instructions on how to make a disgusting sandwich. The children then got to create their sandwich with items that they had collected around the school grounds!

Would you like to eat one of our disgusting sandwiches?

Here are some lovely pieces of writing from Ellie, Darcy, Lucas and Annabelle in Copper Class, Year 4.

The class have all tried so hard last week to use the language and vocabulary for an Explanation text.

Some of these shirt ideas should really be put into production!

Year 2 - Great Fire of London

The children in Year 2 loved sharing their Great Fire of London diaries written in the style of Samuel Pepys. They were so proud of them they wanted to share them to their friends in the class.


Flora the Reading Dog


We are so lucky to have Flora the Reading Dog visit some of the children in our school. Reading out loud can be quite a daunting experience, even to us adults! However when Flora arrives, we can see the children becoming less self-conscious and more confident with their reading.


These children in Year 4 shared their thoughts about reading with Flora:


"Flora thought it was interesting because she stuck her head in my book. I loved reading with Flora because she is cute and she made me feel happy. I got to give her treats." - Jake


"I felt really calm when I read with Flora because it was lovely and quiet so I could concentrate on my reading. It's like I read her to sleep. We both loved it." - Eddie


"I enjoyed it because it helped my reading and it made me feel special. I think Flora liked it because she sat on my lap and let me cuddle her." - Sadie


"I loved reading with Flora. It made me feel confident because it was just me and her. I think she enjoyed it too because she kept staring at my book and laid on my lap." - Harry


"Flora laid on my arm and stayed really quiet when I read to her. It made me feel calm and relaxed. I think she felt relaxed because she made herself comfortable." - Teddy

Year 4 - Setting Description


We have been learning about the Vikings this term and the Viking sagas. The children have been writing descriptions of a setting to entertain a reader. These setting descriptions are all about the city of Asgard, the land of the gods. The children are incredibly proud of themselves and we think they are written beautifully!


“A long time before you or I there was a land named Asgard, with its vast towers and domes it plunged the areas around it into darkness. The only thing illuminating the black was a magnificent rainbow bridge, it’s guardian standing before the gates. These gates glimmered in the morning sun. The spine-chilling breeze would make a tingle on your neck. Inside the gates was the most wonderful land with fountains the size of elephants. All humans would be mesmerized by this land of gods, some would even pray to live there because of its glory. The marble streets would glimmer in the dawn light as you walked in. This is the land of all dreams.”


“The sun reflected off the golden palaces. The glimmering, glittery gates overlooked the rainbow bridge. Vivid shades of radiant colours brightened the sky even more. Castles towered into the sky, no one knows when they stop. When you walk over the hovering track you would see marble statues of every god. A gentle cool breeze drifted towards Asgard, kissing the faces of the glorious, peaceful gods and goddesses. The attractive, beautiful, breath-taking palaces shimmered in the sunlight and glimmered in the moonlight. The only sounds that punctuated the day was the whispers of the gods answering the prayers of human. Every time Odin spoke the spectacular rainbow bridge changed its glistening colours.”


“Stars twinkled in the midnight sky. You can feel the cold breeze brushing past your face. As your enter Asgard the silver gates will open for you. The rainbow bridge guides you through the darkness. As you enter the golden palace, you will feel power corsing through your veins, you will feel mighty like a god. Standing at the edge is beautiful marble statues of the fallen gods. Every time Odin spoke a dozen mortals died. Every time Odin moved a mortals home got destroyed. As quick as a flash the rainbow bridge disappeared into the moonlight.”



Illuminating the dim night were punctuating stars, like a shadowy ocean. There were ornate turrets stretching into the distance like a great golden masterpiece. 

Stolen whispers echoed down the gleaming turrets on a magnificent stage with splendid stone statues. Leading down to large front doors were vast stairs. Outside was a shimmering rainbow bridge.



Far, far away, the beautiful palace of Asgard dissolved in a wave of time. 

A light scattering of stars were the only light source that punctuated the sea of navy sky. Brunches of glimmering, steel-white light shone brightly in a sheet of blue. Below the canopy of night, towering turrets rose up from behind a great golden masterpiece, spreading out the shimmering light of their gleaming garrets. Echoing footsteps and the tiny whispers were the only traces of life in the stunning city. solid statues stood tall with pride, as they looked over all the huge world around them. 

Watch the gentle bobbing of the rainbow bridge, shooting out all of its colours, as a warm breeze dance over it. Below the glossy bridge, a calm flowing gentle flood of good times flew out like a bag of deepest desires. 

Sadly Asgard is only a mythical place in the world of Viking dreams.

Emily (she got Star of the Week for this writing!)


The great golden masterpiece glimmered in the moonlit sky. Beneath the skylight stood the imposing sight of the magnificent statues. They appeared even more majestic as they reflected against the glow arising from the rainbow bridge, connecting Asgard and the Land of the Humans.

Asgard stood proud and tall, looking down far below. The peace and tranquility of Asgard was apparent by the stillness throughout the palace. The eerie silence could be felt all around, only being broken by the intrusion of the commanding voices of the Gods.



Touching the clouds, a magical city stood. Above  the night sky glittered and the day shimmered. The canopy of blackness was only punctuated by the stars of the fire and the moon of silver. During the daytime, clouds circled the gold turrets as the sun shone down. The city glowed silver by night and gold by day.

The city's streets gleamed as gods walked by and let the breezy wind blow. Swirling domes topped the ornate turrets that flew above this admirable city. The bitter, smooth buildings froze fingers like ice when touched. A magical rainbow bridge was the only exit from this sorcery encrusted world.


Aspiration by Olivia (Silver Class)












Flora is enjoying getting to know some more of our year 4 children. They all read beautifully to her this afternoon. She also went for a walk around the school.

Haiku Poetry - Beautiful words and pictures by Year 3

English Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at the book The Scarecrows Wedding by Julia Donaldson. The children have used this book to write a character description based on the main character Harry O'Hay. They have learnt lots of different skills in the past two weeks from:

understanding what a question is

discussing and choosing correct nouns, adjectives, verbs

How to use these in noun phrases

Using good vocabulary to describe certain parts of a character

Editing and improving work


The children at first created a draft character description using the ideas built on from our lessons, they then had to use word banks to independently correct their spellings; as well as checking that their sentences made sense. For a new skill the children did very well and created some fantastic work!

Here are a few examples of how Foundation Stage have been writing and mark making in term 1 of foundation stage. 


         Your Task

Write a poem about school!!

Deadline: 10th October 2017

Please put your name and class on the back of

your paper

Presentation is also important!!


Our Brand New Library has Opened!!


The title says it all. This week we finally opened the doors to our fantastic new, state of the art, school library. Featuring more quality books than ever before, a tablet station and non fiction section as well as tree house, the library is sure to entice even the most reluctant readers!

Take a look at some of the sanps of the library.

Soon, your child will have an online library account and will be able to check what books we have in stock as well as being able to leave boom reviews, create an avatar and benefit from a ‘recommended book’ section.

We hope your children are proud of our new library – we certainly are!

Paul Cookson's Visit for National Poetry Day


The children loved Paul coming to visit. He performed poems about all kinds of things, some nice, some bad and some a little bit rude about Bottoms and angry Dinner ladies!

National Poetry Day

We have been inspired to write our own class poem after listening to our visitor, the poet Paul Cookson.


Rainforest Rap

By Green Class




Splish! Splash! Splosh!


Emerald frog,

Hipperty hop.

Paint-box parrot,

Swooped slowly.

Silky jaguar,

Peacefully padded.




Splish! Splash! Splosh!


Black as night toucan,

Gracefully glided.

Lime, black and ocean blue snake,

Slippery slithered.

Coal black jaguar,

Proudly prowled.





Splish! Splash! Splosh!


Silver sloth,

S-l-o-w-y swung.

Fluffy monkey

Joyfully jumped.

Lime green caiman,

Playfully plodded.




Splish! Splash! Splosh!


Rocky, grey spider,

Slowly snored.

Brown Yanomami,

silently stepped.

Great, grey gorilla

Gently grunted.




Splish! Splash! Splosh!

National Poetry Day (28.09.17)


We're looking forward to world renowned poet, Paul Cookson, visiting us tomorrow to help celebrate National Poetry Day.

Paul will be performing his much loved poems to the whole school and then will work with Years 2 and 5 - this will all culminate in a pulsating poetry party at the end of the day where the children can showcase what they have learnt under Paul's guidance.

Keep checking the website throughout the day to keep updated with what's happening, including the opening of our brand new library!

We're sure it's going to be a great day!

Drama for Writing in Year 4


We have been enjoying reading our class text, Ice Palace by Robert Swindells. We have learnt that the author uses lots of suspense and ends some of his paragraphs on cliff-hangers to keep us on the edge of our seats. The writing is so full of drama and excitement that we have been acting out some of the scenes ourselves. We have taken on the roles of the two main characters, one good and the other evil. We're sure you can guess from the photographs which character we are acting!

Year 1 enjoying their Write Dance lesson!

Year 1 enjoying their Write Dance lesson

Still image for this video

Reading at Minster


This week and next week, your child will be bringing home a brand new Reading Record (pictured above). Please look after these and use them as a Reading Record, not a Contact Book. Children here at Minster must read to an adult at least 5 times per week as part of our homework policy. It is proven that the more a child reads, the more successful they are in all subjects. Once you've listened to your child read, pop a comment in the box in the reading record ready for the class teacher to read the next day. With your help, we can be even better!


Year 4 Poetry


In Year 4, we are beginning to create our own images using poetry. We will be writing poetry about our own mythical beasts, but first we needed to design our beast. In Science we have been investigating living things, so we looked at the bodies of animals and the features each body has to adapt to its environment. We carefully selected the body parts we wanted for our own creature and created a collage. This is the end result! We think it is brilliant inspiration for our poetry.

Year 6 - Planning their 'How to Survive in...' Travel Guides


I was just sitting in the classroom during breaktime when I looked at the classroom and thought what a wonderful example of work the tables show. Writing plans, books, dictionaries, thesaurus' strewn all over the place! The children are working really hard to produce their guides - they're looking at including many aspects of information texts including...

  1. Headings and Sub-headings
  2. Informal and formal language and managing the shift from one to the other
  3. Challenging punctuation including semi colons, dashes and commas
  4. Precise vocabulary that helps the text burst into life


I usually don't like a messy classroom but this is a fine example of a working classroom where the children are using a range of devices to help in the writing process.

Our letters to Manchester


Year 6 wanted to show their support to the people of Manchester following the terrible attack on Monday evening. Inspired by the poet, Tony Walsh, they have written poems with a supportive message. The children showed great empathy and understanding whilst writing these.

We have written the poems in neat and have sent them by post to The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Mr Andy Burnham. We all hope he reads them and gains strength from knowing that we will always be there for Manchester and any place or person that needs help at such desperate times.

Term 4 'Once upon a time' topic in Foundation Stage.

Year 2 enjoyed reading lots of new books when the travelling books came to school!

Year 1

Year 3

Year 3 have been working on their handwriting. As a result, a few children have been granted pen licences. It is great to see such beautiful work but even better is that the rest of the children are showing super aspiration to achieve theirs soon. This writing is a cross-curricular piece of work linking English and history. The task was to imagine you are either Hengest, Horsa or King Vortigern from Anglo-Saxon times, then write your account of what happened when the Scots and Picts attacked. Super writing!

Year 5 have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom this term. We have then used the story and characters from the book and linked it to writing newspaper reports and biographies. We have also created some beautiful art to go on our display. 

Kensuke's Kingdom in Year 5

Understanding Different Types of Noun


Year 4 have been investigating the different types of nouns. The children have made posters which are displayed in our classrooms.

Short Story Writing - Setting the Scene


Check out some of Year 6's wonderful opening paragraphs to their short stories.


Scarlett's Opening


Darkness surrounded them; leaves and twigs scratched their faces as they strode on into the woods. The scorching sun beamed on to Joey, Amber's and Oliver's pale faces. Guarding the enormous house, a bush stood strong like a soldier guarding a palace. The three children (who I must say were very curious in all that matters) decided to go through the bush without considering the dangers! As they walked through the bush and closer to the house, everything fell silent. Everything went dark. All the trees whispered, warning them not to go a step further, to the house...


Amy's Opening


Silent. Dead silent. The trees were swaying - all you could hear was the crispy, dry leaves as they fell to the ground. As it got closer and closer to the next day, Perrie and Lauren were getting nervous to what lay ahead of them.


Evie's Opening


Trees towered over them; the branches were like claws reaching out to grab them, pull them in almost. Dashes of sunlight shone through the tree tops onto the young children's faces. Olly, Amber and Joey continued through the mossy, desolate forest. Joey (the youngest of the three) flinched at every snap of a branch or movement in the bushes. He was scared of being alone. He often dreamed about being alone in his house - no-one with him. He would cry, cry and cry uncontrollably until he woke himself up. No-one at school knew, but Olly, his oldest brother and Amber, his older sister. But even they didn't know that their trek through the woods would change their lives forever...


Henry's Opening


Sunlight reflected off the glass of Wingham Wildlife Park's Tropical House, creating the illusion that the Flamingo Lake had transformed into diamonds. James glanced around at the cloudless day, taking in the brightness of the sky and feeling the heat on his cheeks. Without warning, a colossal image of a bat loomed; casting a shadow over the walkway and causing James to yell and run away.

"Why did it have to be bats?" he moaned whilst still sprinting away.

His best friend, Michael, and little sister, Evie, headed forwards to read imprinted on the photograph: 'New Bat Cave! This Way!' Despite not having a fear of bats, like James, Michael had to admit that the oversized image sent a prickle down his spine. Thinking hard of James' fear, Michael headed off after him...

Year 6 Gold Writing

Year 6 have impressed us this week with their amazing writing on building tension. Take a look at these!

Year 3 have been investigating spelling patterns.

Foundation Stage Phonics

For phonics we have been learning the phase 2 sounds  ‘s a t p I n d m g ’.

To help us with our learning with have been; matching initial sounds to pictures, going on sound hunts, using the magnets to build words and playing a fun hoop game to help us blend with these sounds.

The children have also been learning to form these letters in a cursive style.

Literacy in Foundation Stage

What’s that smell?

What sounds can you hear?

Year 3 have been inspired by the book The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K. Mitchell. They have used the recipe that is in the book to bake Rainforest Cookies and find out where the ingredients came from.

This term the children in Foundation Stage have been learning to write a list.

When exploring the garden area the children wrote lists 

on the minibeast they could see. The children have also written fantastic lists showing how to keep healthy. 

Year 1 - Flat Stanley


Year 1 have been predicting events in the first story of Flat Stanley. They had to think about how ‘being flat could be fun’. They had some great ideas and really used their imagination to think about how being flat could lead to some great adventures. We cannot wait to continue the story to see what Flat Stanley actually does, and whether or not he will stay as a flat boy.

Year 4 Fables


This week Year 4 have been learning all about fables. We looked at some fables and identified the features, as well as the moral for each fable. We then spent time in our pairs writing our own fables. On Friday we read them out in our best reading voices and people guessed what the moral was for our fable!


The Tortoise and the Clownfish

One day a Tortoise was sitting peacefully in a tree until he heard a snap. Then suddenly he found himself on the ground after he woke up from his mysterious dream. He found his shell cracked in half on the ground. He was upset.

On his walk home he saw a clownfish who saw the tortoise and laughed. The tortoise asked why are you laughing. The clownfish replied with a snigger “Because you look like a giant walking slug!” The clownfish let out another laugh.

The tortoise was heartbroken but his friend came and said it doesn’t matter what bullies say, you’re still the same tortoise I know and love because your my friend.


No matter what you look like, you’re still the same on the inside.

Jacob R and Luke


The Rabbit and the apple

One day there was a little rabbit wandering around the field. He stumbled across an apple tree. It was nearly lunch time and he was starving so he tried to get the apples. Once he had given up jumping he started stacking stones so he could get to the apples. When the rabbit needed more stones he jumped down off his tower. When he had got more stones he realised that he had built his tower too high and he couldn’t get back to the top. After that he tried eating the tree but that just hurt his mouth. Then he tried jumping again and that still didn’t work.

So he sat down and thought about what he could do. Then an idea popped into his tiny little head. He could shake the tree to make the apples fall down. So that’s what he did and finally he got his lunch. Then he skipped back to his burrow nibbling his red juicy apple. All of the other apples were still lying on the floor waiting to be eaten.

Moral: Never give up

Findley and Ellie


The Dolphin and the Turtle

Once there was a dolphin who was bulling a little turtle. The turtle was getting very sad. The dolphin was trying to hurt the tiny turtle because it was much smaller than the huge beautiful dolphin. The turtle was trying to hide from the dolphin but the dolphin always seemed to find him.

One day the turtle had a smart idea to stand up for himself. The little turtle was too afraid. Then he thought I have to stand up for myself otherwise I will still get bullied by dolphin. So he stood up for himself and then the dolphin and the turtle were good friends.

Don’t be afraid to stand up or yourself.

By Jess and Aiden


Our Learning Environment


Check out the great English displays in our classrooms and corridors. Not only do they show how to do things, but we also love putting the children's great work on show!

Year 6 - Brazil Travel Brochures

Year 6 have been learning how to become travel writers so get in the mood for the Summer Holidays and read snippets of our 'Brazil' Travel Brochures below:


Day 1: Rio De Janerio

Travel up to the beautiful landmark of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ and see the sprawling city below. Take photos of the breath-taking view. After a tiring trek, go back to the hotel and have a swim in the calm pool to relax. Dry off on a comfy sun bed and feel the heat of the sun’s rays casting down on you.


Day 2: Amazing Amazon

Have you ever wanted to see the world longest river? Or even get a glimpse of the biggest rain forest ever? Well, the tour of the Amazon River is the one for you! Hop on our coach for the most fantastic tour of your life! After, jump on our amazing tour bus in the heart of the rain forest and start experiencing. Set up camp after your magical day exploring, then snack out on our lovely, mouth-watering BBQ buffet. Wake up to singing birds and your boat parked on the river bank. Fill up on our mini buffet breakfast with all English originals. Whilst you’re on your way home from you magical trip, see some of the most spectacular rarest fish in Brazil!



Day 3: Captivating Capivara Cave Art

Explore the secluded North East valleys of Serra de Capivara national park’s rocky terrain and discover the strategically placed cave art. This stunning prehistoric settlement holds some of the most significant and spectacular cave paintings ever found. Gaze in wonder at some of the vivid master pieces dating back to 36,000 years ago.     



Day 4: Are You Ready for a Splash?

Iguazo Falls is the most extraordinary sight in the whole world. Its spectacular views and impressive heights range from 197 - 269 feet high! Go exploring on the top of the waterfall and maybe do a bit of rock climbing while you're there. This spectacular sight-seeing trip is beautiful but you might get a bit of a splash from the cool, refreshing water. Iguazo Falls has been spotted in many movies such as; Indiana Jones, Miami Vice, Mr Magoo and many more. Head back to your 5 star hotel in a taxi and look through your photos. While the kids explore the hotel, take a dip in your own private hot-tub and spend the night relaxing.



Day 5: Whack on your shades and grab your hiking boots

As soon as you arrive back in Rio, whack on your shades and head to the beautiful beach of Copacabana. Once your feet touch the luxurious golden sands, you'll immediately find yourself in a tranquil heaven. Laze on the beach and watch the sun beam down on to the aqua ocean, or why not join the locals for a game of volleyball whilst letting your worries sink into the sands.


Some children made their own places up!


Day 1: A Cacophony of Squawks and Roars!

For your next great journey, head out on a trip to Mobiger Rainforest, always alive with chirps and growls! With creatures and plants similar to those of The Amazon, it truly is one of Maislevania's highlights. It features many species of animal, flower and tree. It hosts a total of around then million beings altogether. Although it is a home to many wild animals, its most recognised species is, of course, the tame tiger. Fascinating tourists for years, visitors are able to walk up, stroke and play with the beasts. Heritage tells of a legend of a 'chosen one' who somehow managed to cure the creatures of their foul tempers. Whatever the story is, give it a go!



Year 3 - before writing a newspaper report we used the children's newspaper First News to inspire us.

Year 3 - Green Class were so proud of their writing they invited Mrs. Stone to hear some examples. The whole class recieved Head Teacher Awards for their amazing learning.

Year 2 have enjoyed reading The Mr Men and Little Miss books this week. We intend to write our own Mr Men or Little Miss stories so we have been looking at the structure of the stories. It has been great fun so far!

Spelling Fun in Year 5! Year 5 were learning about the suffix ending with –cious and –tious on the ends of words. First we had to look for a spelling hidden under our chairs and find the definition quickly. Then we had to go around the class and introduce ourselves as that spelling with actions. Next we had to teach our spelling to at least 7 of our classmates and give them tips for learning how to spell it. We ended up being able to spell lots of new words and have fun at the same time.

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