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Year 2 have been investigating bridges for Science Week. Today we used balancing with a partner in P.E. We were exploring counterbalance to test the strength of different types of structures.
Today, Purple Class have been investigating friction and air resistance. They made zip wires out of egg cups, string and paper clips and had to design a brake system as well as a pulley system. The zip wires the class created were fabulous (if something of a trip hazard for the class teacher!) The children learnt that friction slowed their carriages down and to speed them up, they would need steeper gradients for gravity to work its magic!
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A great first day for Science Week in Year 2. We were finding out about the inventor and engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We used his ideas about bridges to investigate which biscuit could take the most weight between two blocks. We made predictions, tested weights, recorded estimates and results in a table and wrote a conclusion.  There were lots of different ideas and surprises with the pink wafer biscuit!

Purple Class have been wonderful Scientists today on their first day of Science and Technology week. This afternoon they investigated which shapes would be effected the least by water resistance. Using this knowledge, they designed a boat that had to be streamlined. We had a few design problems in that our boats didn't float as well as we would have liked but like true scientists, the children were able to explain why by referring to the forces of buoyancy and the effect of weight and mass. Purple Class were wonderful. We can't wait for the rest of the week now!

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Year 2 children have been asking the question in Science, 'How are animals in Antarctica able to survive in ice and snow?' We then went on to look at insulation and which materials helped the ice cube to last the longest.

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Year 5 Trip - Discovery Planet Plastic Workshop

Friday 2nd November


Year 5 visited the Dreamland Education Centre to learn about plastic from real scientists! Discovery Planet hosted a workshop to help us work scientifically, investigating the different properties of plastic and testing unknown materials. 

We will be visiting again to learn about the future of plastics and the role of chemistry later this month.

Year 5 - Properties and Changes of Materials


Year 5 have been studying materials and the different changes that can happen to them. We have been investigating what happens when bicarbonate of soda mixes with vinegar. Does it react? What chemical changes take place? Is the change reversible or irreversible?

Year 4 - Living Things


Year 4 are learning about 'Living Things' in Science this term. We conducted a survey to find out what living things live in our school grounds. We will be using this data to create graphs in Maths.

Science Week certainly went off with a bang, as we were joined by two scientists from Pfizers. The whole school gathered in the hall with excitement, wearing scientific goggles to really get us into the mood. Here we were all wowed by fire, explosions and some really fantastic technology. These photos show some of the highlights of the show. We hope you enjoy it!