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Year 5 Trip - Discovery Planet Plastic Workshop

Friday 2nd November


Year 5 visited the Dreamland Education Centre to learn about plastic from real scientists! Discovery Planet hosted a workshop to help us work scientifically, investigating the different properties of plastic and testing unknown materials. 

We will be visiting again to learn about the future of plastics and the role of chemistry later this month.

Year 5 - Properties and Changes of Materials


Year 5 have been studying materials and the different changes that can happen to them. We have been investigating what happens when bicarbonate of soda mixes with vinegar. Does it react? What chemical changes take place? Is the change reversible or irreversible?

Year 4 - Living Things


Year 4 are learning about 'Living Things' in Science this term. We conducted a survey to find out what living things live in our school grounds. We will be using this data to create graphs in Maths.

Science Week certainly went off with a bang, as we were joined by two scientists from Pfizers. The whole school gathered in the hall with excitement, wearing scientific goggles to really get us into the mood. Here we were all wowed by fire, explosions and some really fantastic technology. These photos show some of the highlights of the show. We hope you enjoy it!